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Allée Bleue with a Long Tradition

The Allée Bleue winery has been in existence for over 300 years and can look back to a long and successful tradition. As early as the 17th century, French settlers discovered the fertile slopes in the Franschhoek area and planted the first vines. In the 21st century, the winemakers revived this tradition. The wine cellar has been completely renovated and offers modern cellar technology. As every other winery in South Africa, Allée Bleue thrives or fails based on its employees. Therefore, the owners did not only invest in the infrastructure, but assembled an excellent team at the vineyard. The most renowned wine is probably the Allée Bleue L’ Amour Toujours.

Allée Bleue Wine with Typical Features

Allée Bleue produces outstanding white wine (Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc) as well as red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage). The climate of the Franschhoek valley is reflected in the fruity and fresh white wines, whilst the reds, usually developed in oak, delight with spicy aromas and mineral undertones. Sparkling wines and some rosés are also part of the portfolio. The estate Allée Bleue produces three different labels. The 'Blue Label' includes 'easy-drinking-wine' and is therefore the perfect companion for a party or for drinking a good wine as a treat. The premium class is constituted of the 'White Label' and has already won several awards. With the two so-called 'Flagship' products Isabeau and L'Amour Toujours, the winemakers of Allée Bleue show impressively what is possible in South Africa. The white as well as the red cuvee excite critics and wine lovers likewise.

Allée Bleue with Artistic Ambitions

Allée Bleue stands for premium wines from South Africa. The winery itself also has a lot to offer: very beautiful architecture paired with the often breath-taking landscape make the vineyard a popular travel destination. As a special highlight, the artist Emil Sogor got involved - he does not only follow his artistic approach at Allée Bleue. Sculptures on the estate as well as drawings and paintings in the houses make for a unique atmosphere. The pieces never look out of place, but are integrated into the architecture and landscape. Emil Sogor's work simply belongs to the vineyard and has become a hallmark. Allée Bleue manages to combine the beautiful landscape, the long tradition with the start into the 21st century.