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Tokara Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product information "Tokara Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil"
The Tokara Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil is wonderfully soft and balanced in taste thanks to its milder Mission olive variety. The fine scent of herbs and grass pampers the nose, while spicy aromas play around the palate. Tokara Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true all-rounder in the kitchen, as it is suitable for refining sauces or salad dressings as well as for marinating fish.
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South Africa
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0,50 l
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Tokara, Helshoogte Rd, 7600 Stellenbosch, South Africa
CAPREO GmbH- Gildeweg 10- 46562 Voerde- Germany
Food Business Operator
CAPREO GmbH, Gildeweg 10, 46562 Voerde, Germany

Tokara Wine - Intensive and Multifaceted

Tokara wine excites critics as well as connoisseurs with its intensive bouquet and a multifaceted taste. The aromas are always harmoniously balanced and deliver a well-rounded wine. Red as well as white wines from the Tokara estate reflect the terroir of the cultivation areas. Tokara wine can also be stored for a long time; some even gain more character with long further maturing. The winemakers also use highly modern cellar technology and are always succeed in retaining the natural taste of the grape varieties.

Tokara Winery Uses Modern Technology

Every Tokara wine was created using modern technology to deliver the best product possible. The winery is the first in South Africa to use the NDVI process, an infrared analysis which can identify the slightest changes in the vines. That is how the winemakers from the Tokara winery have the option to intervene early and, above all, targeted. The wine cellar is also highly modern, as the winemakers use computer controlled programs as a support. The emphasis lays on the supportive function, as nothing can replace the long experience of Tokara winemakers.

Tokara Combines Modernity with a Laid-Back Tradition

Tokara is located at the Helshoogte Pass, only a few kilometres away from the town Stellenbosch, and is therefore situated at the centre of South African wine cultivation. The estates architecture combines modern aspects of wine growing with a laid-back and uncomplicated design. Natural and warm materials give the strong and clear lines an organic note. Additionally, the almost magical view of the False Bay and Table Mountains deliver exceptional scenery for the many guests of Tokara. This attitude towards life, coupled with great energy, is reflected in the Tokara wine.