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Boschendal - South Africa's traditional winery with unique charm

The second oldest winery in South Africa dates back to 1685 when its former founder, a French Huguenot named Jean Le Long, built Boschendal at the foot of the Simonsberg and Drakenstein Mountains, in the beautiful countryside between the Franschhoek Valley and Stellenbosch. The name "Bos-en-dal" is a homage to its surroundings, as it means "forest and valley". Located about an hour from Cape Town, the Boschendal winery offers wine lovers and guests a unique atmosphere on approximately 1800 hectares of land. Whoever visits Boschendal can not only marvel at the many olive and fruit trees and the enormous biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, but also visit the still original wine cellar. The wine cellar was built in 1715 by the Huguenot brothers and later owners Jaques, Pierre and Abraham de Villier. Until a few years ago there was almost nothing left of the long and successful wine history of the winery. However, investors helped the once neglected Boschendal to regain its splendour and let the wine quality and charm blossom again.

Tradition and innovation for spirited Boschendal wines

Boschendal is an expert in using and perfecting its 300-year-old wine heritage. A combination of tradition and innovation gives the South African wines a spirited note that is accompanied by high quality. Boschendal specializes primarily in the red grape varieties Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as white grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, from which both single-variety wines and first-class blends are produced. Boschendal's wine philosophy is based on the production of premium wines of consistent quality. The winery's two flagship wines are the Heritage Collection Grande Syrah, with soft tannins and oak notes, and the Heriatage Collection Black Angus, which impresses with its fruity and spicy aromas.

The heart of any winery is of course not only the wines, but also the people who produce them. Every type of wine is given special attention at Boschendal, which is why the responsibility is divided among a total of three winemakers. Responsible for fruity and classic red wines is the experienced Jacques Viljoen. In a separate cellar area, Michael Langenhoven is responsible for elegant white wines. Danielle Jacobs, on the other hand, focuses on Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wines with the aim of playing a leading role in the production of MCCs in South Africa. The winemakers draw their vines from 220 hectares of land and can experiment passionately to produce great wine creations. These efforts have resulted in the Appellation Series, Estate Wines, Heritage Collection, The 1685 Collection, The Classic Collection, The Sommelier Collection and Méthode Cap Classique Collection.

"Work with nature, not against it." - Sustainable work at Boschendal

The connection to nature and the high importance of the ecosystem is essential for the Boschendal winery. The unique South African landscape with traditional plants like the fynbos and the breathtaking plant paradise - the Cape Floral Kingdom - should be appreciated and protected. The philosophy of Boschendal strives for harmony between people, rivers, plants, trees, animals and the soil. A responsible use of water, waste and energy is considered in the relationship with both guests and vines. Exclusive Boschendal wines are produced under this premise.