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Delaire Graff Cabernet Franc Rosé 2019

Delaire Graff Cabernet Franc Rosé 2019
  • GDE-032019
  • Wonderfully fruity with notes of ripe strawberries
  • Creamy on the palate and crisp in the finish
  • The perfect rosé for every occasion
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The Delaire Graff Cabernet Franc Rosé unfolds a wonderful fruity note of black currant, dark and...
The Delaire Graff Cabernet Franc Rosé unfolds a wonderful fruity note of black currant, dark and red berries and ripe strawberries. Nuances of candy floss and cream caress the palate before this unique rosé of Cabernet Franc grapes leaves with a crisp and dry finish. Enjoy the wine best with Mediterranean dishes, poultry or salmon. But also pure the popular Delaire Graff Cabernet Franc Rosé is always a real treat for the palate and the perfect rosé for every occasion!

Goes With:

Delaire Graff Cabernet Franc Rosé 2019
Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Franc
Delaire Graff
CAPREO GmbH, D-46562, Voerde
Bottle Cap:
Screw Cap
12.95 € / bottle à 0,75 l
Filling Quantity:
0,75 l
Alcohol Strength:
13 % Vol.
6,2 g/l
Residual Sugar:
2,1 g/l
Serve at:
8-12 °C
Best before:
In the Cellar:
Fermentation in stainless steel tank.

Delaire Graff – from John Platter to Laurence Graff

None other than the famous wine critic John Platter had once owned the estate Delaire Graff, back then known under the name Avontuur, and had created outstanding premium wines in the 1980s here. The change of name goes back to the partly breathtaking sights that the farm offers. An almost magical view of the valley of the Helshoegte Pass inspired the owner at that time to the name Delaire Estate. When translated, Delaire means ‘from heaven’. In 2003, Laurence Graff took over the winery and started converting it into one of the most important destinations for art enthusiasts, luxury vacationists and wine lovers. Laurence Graff is a diamond and jewellery trader himself and is familiar with the premium and luxury sector. The same can surely be said for the wines from Delaire Graff.

Exclusive Wines from Delaire Graff

The team at Delaire Graff has managed to become the flagship for South African wine in the shortest amount of time. Winemaker Morné Vrey and his employees focus on a gentle harvest of exclusively noble grapes in order to get the best basis possible for the wines. A very special bottle is the red wine Botmaskop. Like no other wine it stands for the strength of South African red wines, paired with the elegance and splendour Laurence Graff is well-known for. There are some wine enthusiasts who think if you were to drink one wine from South Africa only, then it should be the Botmaskop.

Experience Luxury in the high-end Restaurants

Visitors of Delaire Graff can experience an all-round package with a noble spa area and stylishly furnished hotel suites. But the highlights are the two restaurants that are directly at the winery. The Delaire Graff restaurant stands for fine dishes that captivate with wonderful aromas and creative ingredients. The winery also offers the Indochine restaurant. Here, the gourmet can find mainly Asian cuisine, freshened up by modern influences. Together with the wines from Delaire Graff, a holistic, noble taste sensation is created.