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Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
  • BAC-092017
  • Rich bouquet with vanilla notes
  • Fruit-driven and lingering on the palate
  • Has a great ageing potential
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The Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon gives off a rich bouquet and creates with its spicy notes of...
The Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon gives off a rich bouquet and creates with its spicy notes of vanilla and liquorice as well as nuances of black currant an appetite for the first sip. The careful aging in oak for 18 to 24 months gives the red wine its deep structure and fruity character. Powerful and long lasting during the aftertaste, the Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon tastes delicious with all kinds of meat dishes. It is well combinable with beef, grilled meat or venison. But it goes also very well with hearty poultry and duck. Gourmets also like to enjoy the Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon which has a great aging potential together with rich cheese.


Jg. 2016
Old Mutual Trophy Bronze
Jg. 2015
4 John Platter Stars
Jg. 2014
4 John Platter Stars

Goes With:

Backsberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Sauvignon
CAPREO GmbH, D-46562, Voerde
Bottle Cap:
12.95 € / bottle à 0,75 l
Filling Quantity:
0,75 l
Alcohol Strength:
14 % Vol.
6 g/l
Residual Sugar:
3,4 g/l
Serve at:
16-18 °C
Best before:
In the Cellar:
Matured for 18 to 24 months in oak barrels.

Backsberg – a family-run Success Story

Backsberg is a family-run business. Right from the beginning, the name Backsberg had always been closely related with the family Back that has succeeded in creating fantastic wines over several generations. The special knowledge of the region and its features and capacities is not only passed on, but continuously improved and refined. Even though every generation wants to bring the vineyard Backsberg forward, owner, winemaker and the rest of the team agree that the taste of the wine lovers is the most important aspect at the end of the day.

Backsberg follows ‘down-to-earth’ Mentality

As only a few other wineries, Backsberg knows how to combine excellent premium wines with an easy accessibility. The wines of the estate are rightly renowned amongst critics due to their high quality; at the same time, they are considered as wines just wonderful to drink amongst wine lovers and connoisseurs. In fact, for almost every occasion. This is perfectly mirrored in the lived ‘down-to-earth’ mentality of Backsberg. Structure and finesse of the individual wines go hand in hand with a high level of so-called ‘drinkability’. Particularly the wide array of wines defines the winery. Especially the Bordeaux Blend Klein Babylonstoren is considered to be a typical Backsberg wine. It fulfils the high demand in taste and finesse for the wine critic, but also aims at the wine lover with its full bouquet and the fruity taste.

Backsberg with sustainable Cultivation

As one of the first wineries in South Africa, Backsberg focuses on a sustainable relationship with nature. The wines are created CO2-neutral which is unique in South Africa’s wine world. There are only three estates worldwide that can claim this. Additionally, the family Back is involved in holistic environmental protection. With programs for forestry and planting of native trees and plants, the yard significantly contributes to the preservation of the unique variety of the South African landscape. Backsberg is a wonderful example for the pioneering role that South African wine holds in many aspects.