A powerful Cabernet Sauvignon

Warwick Blue Lady 2015

Warwick Blue Lady 2015
  • WAR-082015
  • Shimmers with a deep red into the wine glass
  • Incredible abundance of fruit aromas with smoky note
  • Full-bodied on the palate due to the opulent structure
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The Warwick Blue Lady flows into the gourmet’s glass with an almost opaque red colour into the...
The Warwick Blue Lady flows into the gourmet’s glass with an almost opaque red colour into the glass. With its inviting nuances of blackberries and blackcurrants which are surrounded by tobacco leaves as well as a smoky and woody note, the bouquet promises a powerful and full-bodied wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon that matured in French oak for 24 months also fulfills this promise on the palate. The opulent structure gives the Warwick Blue Lady an immense body and in combination with an abundance of fruit aromas it makes every connoisseur’s heart beat faster. The Cabernet Sauvignon goes perfectly well with meat like lamb or beef. Also with Parmesan cheese and mushroom risotto it tastes delicious. It is also a good choice on its own.


Jg. 2015
Jg. 2013
4.5 John Platter Stars, IWSC Silver, Tim Atkin 92 Points

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Warwick Blue Lady 2015
Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Sauvignon
CAPREO GmbH, D-46562, Voerde
Bottle Cap:
22.95 € / bottle à 0,75 l
Filling Quantity:
0,75 l
Alcohol Strength:
14 % Vol.
5,9 g/l
Residual Sugar:
3,2 g/l
Serve at:
16-18 °C
Best before:
In the Cellar:
The wine matured in French Oak barrels for 24 months. 50% were new.

Warwick with great Wines

With its excellent wines, Warwick is considered to be one of the best boutique wineries in South Africa. Due to the rather small cultivation area, the winemakers can completely focus on taking care of the vines and the resulting wines. The high quality and the great taste of the Trilogy or a First Lady red wine, but also of the Estate wines impressively show that Warwick was entirely right with the way they chose.

Warwick – from Supplier to Winery

In 1964, Stan Ratcliffe had finally ended his pursuit for the best terroir at the Cape and purchased the land where Warwick stands today. He first started out as a pure grape supplier, planted Cabernet Sauvignon and the very high quality of the grapes was highly sought after by other estates. This wasn’t enough for his wife Norma Ratcliffe and she started to study the production of wine. If you already have such great grapes, than it just seemed logical to create your own Warwick wine from South Africa with them. In 1984, the time had come and the ‘La Femme Bleu’, the Blue Lady, was the first wine they had created themselves. Two years later, the Warwick Trilogy was produced, a gorgeous Bordeaux blend which is the flagship of the winery today. Norma Ratcliffe was therefore one of the first women in the Winelands of South Africa and is considered to be the ‘First Lady’ of the South African wine world.

Warwick with ecological Cultivation

At the Warwick yard, the team of Norma Ratcliffe focuses on ecological cultivation in order to get the best from the grapes. This is why only a very limited pest control is taken into consideration at the estate so that nature can take its course as much as possible. Besides the high quality of the grapes, another point that is very important to Warwick is the soil condition. Only a so-called living soil has enough nutrients to optimally provide the vines with what they need. A constantly rising earthworm population is a good indication for the constant and probably even rising quality of the wines from Warwick!