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CAPREO Vintner’s Selection Pinotage 2018

CAPREO Vintner’s Selection Pinotage 2018
  • CVS-022018
  • Exclusively available only from CAPREO
  • Wonderfully fruity and accessible
  • Perfect for a relaxed barbecue evening
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The CAPREO Vintner's Selection gathers together typical South African wines, which with their...
The CAPREO Vintner's Selection gathers together typical South African wines, which with their accessible character offer carefree drinking pleasure – this Pinotage is no exception. The red wine from South Africa's national grape shines in the glass in a clear crimson colour. The bouquet already reveals the wonderful fruit character of CAPREO Vintner's Selection Pinotage with aromas of cherries and plums, a pinch of cinnamon adds the finishing touch. Notes of blackcurrants, blackberries and a hint of plum also provide a fruity taste experience on the palate, before the red wine leaves with a long finish and silky tannins. The CAPREO Vintner's Selection Pinotage matured for several months in oak and is a great accompaniment to food. Try it with grilled food, a delicious steak or savoury pasta dishes. Or enjoy the red wine in a convivial gathering with family and friends.

Goes With:

CAPREO Vintner’s Selection Pinotage 2018
Grape Varieties:
Importer/ Distributor:
CAPREO GmbH- Gildeweg 10- 46562 Voerde- Germany
Food Business Operator:
CAPREO GmbH, Gildeweg 10, 46562 Voerde, Germany
Spier, Baden Powell Dr R310, 7603, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Bottle Cap:
Screw Cap
9.95 € / bottle à 0,75 l
Filling Quantity:
0,75 l
Alcohol Strength:
13,5 % Vol.
4,8 g/l
Residual Sugar:
2,1 g/l
Serve at:
16-18 °C
Best before:
In the Cellar:
Matured several months in oak.
Western Cape

Out of Connection to the Cape - CAPREO's Exclusive Brand

Years of cooperation and close ties with the Cape winegrowers gave us at CAPREO the idea to round off our extensive range with special wines, which are also tailored to the tastes of our customers who love South Africa – the idea for our CAPREO Vintner's Selection was born. The only thing left was to find the right partner for our exclusive house brand line, which can deliver quality and has the right understanding of the desired end result. We found what we were looking for at the Spier and Fairview wineries. Together with them and in collaboration with high-ranking winegrowers, we have been able to realise our vision of a wine that is immediately accessible and yet has the necessary depth and fruitiness.

A Homage to South Africa's National Grapes

The CAPREO Vintner's Selection pays tribute to the South African national grapes Chenin Blanc and Pinotage and promises uncomplicated drinking pleasure for every day. Whilst the dry white wine convinces with nuances of tropical fruits, juicy pears and green apples as well as its good balance and the moderate acidity, the red wine shows fruity aromas of currants and blackberries with a hint of plum. The soft tannins and the light development in wooden barrels also inspire the connoisseur. Since the summer of 2017, a wonderfully fresh rosé has completed our house brand line. The cuvée, dominated by the grape variety Grenache, is a tasty wine with notes of cherries, strawberries and floral notes before culminating in a dry, almost piquant finish.

Uncomplicated Delight with Our House Brand

But regardless of whether white, red or rosé: all three wines of our CAPREO Vintner's Selection are beautiful food companions, which distinguish themselves by their South African character and reflect the terroir of the Cape wonderfully – so that you can enjoy a beautiful piece of South Africa at home with peace of mind.