Makes the hearts of red wine fans beat faster

Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend 2019

4.5* Platter
Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend 2019
Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend 2019
Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend 2019
  • BEY-032019
  • Skilfully showcases South Africa's national grape
  • Beautiful fruit with a touch of oak and cedar
  • Impresses especially with its great balance
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The Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend is the best example of how South Africa's national grape...
The Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend is the best example of how South Africa's national grape Pinotage comes into its own and harmonises with other grape varieties. The blend of Pinotage (41%), Merlot (23%), Cabernet Sauvignon (21%), Shiraz (6%), Cinsault (5%) and Pinot Noir (4%) flows into the glass in an intense dark red that turns into a beautiful ruby red at the rim. In the bouquet, wonderful fruity aromas of cherries and red fruits unfold, wafted by a hint of oak and some cedar. On the palate, the red wine, which was aged for twelve to fourteen months in French oak, is also beautifully fruity with notes of dark berries and the gentle tannins lead into a pleasant finish. With its fruity and soft character as well as its great balance, the Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend will stay in your memory for a long time. Enjoy this red wine on its own, but it is also an excellent accompaniment to dishes with game, dark meat or spicy dishes.


Jg. 2019
4.5 John Platter Stars
Jg. 2018
4 John Platter Stars
Jg. 2017
4 John Platter Stars, Tim Atkin 87 Points
Jg. 2016
4 John Platter Stars, Veritas Silver
Jg. 2015
4.5 John Platter Stars, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Gold

Goes With:

Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend 2019
Grape Varieties:
Pinotage (41%), Merlot (23%), Cabernet Sauvignon (21%), Shiraz (6%), Cinsault (5%), Pinot Noir (4%)
Importer/ Distributor:
CAPREO GmbH- Gildeweg 10- 46562 Voerde- Germany
Food Business Operator:
CAPREO GmbH, Gildeweg 10, 46562 Voerde, Germany
Beyerskloof, Koelenhof Road R304, 7600 Stellenbosch, Südafrika
Bottle Cap:
15.00€ / bottle à 0,75 l
Filling Quantity:
0,75 l
Alcohol Strength:
14 % Vol.
6 g/l
Residual Sugar:
3,2 g/l
Serve at:
16-18 °C
Best before:
In the Cellar:
Matured in French oak for 12-14 months.

Beyerskloof – South Africa’s Pinotage at its Peak

In the national as well as international wine world,  Beyerskloof is considered as the home of South African Pinotage wines. Quite rightly so. Beyers Truter, founder of Beyerskloof, was already committed to the red grape variety during his time as a winemaker at Kanonkop. With a wide range of Pinotage varieties, he and his team have made a significant contribution to the promotion of South Africa's national vine and continue to ensure that Pinotage wines of world-class quality are produced to this day. Besides the special love for red wine, Beyerskloof also produces completely new flavours which is confirmed by the unusual rosés and white wines with parts of Pinotage on a high level. Not least due to the efforts of the winery, Pinotage strongly belongs to the canon of the wine world and therefore in the wine cellar of every ambitious gourmet.

Beyers Truter with Skill and Intuition

The winemaker Beyers Truter was the first South African winemaker to be awarded as the Winemaker of the Year by the judges of the International Wine and Spirit Competition. The uncrowned ‘King of Pinotage’ studied at the Stellenbosch University and therefore has the required knowledge about the area to have constant success. Skill and a fine sense for the right grape varieties and combinations have brought him and his wines numerous awards. He is also the founder of the Pinotage Association that has the aim to push the vine Pinotage even further through detailed studies and courage to experiment. Meanwhile, his son Anri followed in his footsteps and is responsible as winemaker on the family vineyard.

The Winery with that certain Something

Everyone who has visited the estate Beyerskloof knows that there is a special atmosphere here. The beautiful and breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape is just one reason for the special experience on the yard. Every team member, from the Tasting Room staff up to the winemaker himself just radiates reputable serenity that is simply contagious. In a calm but contemplative environment, you can enjoy with all your senses and relax.