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Auxerrois: Fruity, elegant and soft on the palate

Auxerrois is an early-maturing white grape variety that is becoming increasingly popular. It belongs to the Burgundy varieties and used to be often confused with Chardonnay, as the wines from these two grape varieties score with a mild and pleasant acidity on the palate. White wines made from Auxerrois grapes have a light, yellow-green hue in the glass and a fruit-driven, elegant character that is more reminiscent of a Pinot Blanc. The classic aromas of an Auxerrois wine include apricot, pineapple, pear, mirabelle plum and quince. Somewhat matured, the white wines of the grape variety also develop notes of honey or almonds.

The tradition of Auxerrois: from France to new regions

The white grape variety probably originated in the Middle Ages in the county of the same name in Burgundy, France, from a cross between Pinot Blanc (Weißburgunder) and Weisser Heunisch. At that time, the two parent grape varieties were planted at the same time in one and the same vineyard - which favoured spontaneous crossing. With the expulsion of the Huguenots in the 17th century, the grape variety also went on its journey and made its way to new growing areas. Today, Auxerrois is mainly found in its French homeland in Elsass and Luxembourg. But the white grape variety is also present in the German wine regions - for example in Mosel, Pfalz and Baden.

A speciality from the southern Mosel: Auxerrois

Especially in the area of the southern Mosel, Auxerrois is a speciality and the winemakers manage to hit the taste buds of connoisseurs with their white wines made from this grape. One of these wines is the Windfang Mosel II. The wines of the Windfang collection reflect the German wine-growing regions in an uncomplicated and modern way. This is also the case from the Mosel: the soils of shell limestone give the Auxerrois white wine a beautiful minerality and the typical fruit character. Thanks to its low acidity, an Auxerrois is an ideal and also very versatile companion to a wide variety of dishes. White wines of this grape variety can be combined very well with dishes with fish, white meat, fresh cheese as well as asparagus or other vegetables.