A culinary trip to Germany

Discovery Package Germany

Discovery Package Germany
  • RED-020268
  • Advantage package with wines from German growing regions
  • Six wines from the Pfalz, Rheingau and Mosel
  • Complex white and red wines and a sparkling wine
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Join us on a journey through Germany and discover wines from the Pfalz, the Rheingau, Rheinhessen...
Join us on a journey through Germany and discover wines from the Pfalz, the Rheingau, Rheinhessen and the Mosel. We have put together a discovery package for you with wonderful wines from the innovative and courageous scene vintner Markus Schneider, expressive creations by Joachim Flick, first-class Rieslings from first-class sites by J.W. Huesgen and the new Windfang collection: The Markus Schneider Tohuwabohu 2017 is a complex red wine with intense fruit notes and fine spice. Ideal with aromatic dishes. The Windfang Rheinhessen Weißburgunder 2020 delights with its fine texture and wonderful fruit notes underpinned by almonds. The Windfang Rheinhessen Rosé 2020 is a balanced wine with beautiful strawberry notes and caresses the palate with a creamy texture. The Joachim Flick Wicker Nonnberg "Fuchshohl" Spätburgunder 2015 ensures long-lasting moments of enjoyment. With its beautiful fruity notes, this red wine goes perfectly with game or goose. The J.W. Huesgen Alte Reben Riesling Trocken 2019 impresses with its opulent structure and a wonderful play of aromas of yellow fruits and spices. Fresh and elegant – this is the J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling 2018. Fine fruit aromas and light mineral notes make this white wine a real treat.

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Discovery Package Germany
Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Franc, Weißburgunder, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Riesling
Mehrere Hersteller
Importer/ Distributor:
CAPREO GmbH- Gildeweg 10- 46562 Voerde- Germany
Food Business Operator:
CAPREO, Gildeweg 10, 46562 Voerde, Germany
Markus Schneider GbR- Am Hohen Weg 1- 67158 Ellerstadt, Germany; Joachim Flick- Weingut in der Straßenmühle- Straßenmühle- 65439 Flörsheim-Wicker, Germany; Villa Huesgen- An der Mosel 46- 56841 Traben Trarbach, Germany; J. & H. Balzhäuser GbR- Mittelgasse 25 - 67577 Alsheim - Germany
99.95€ / bottle à 4,5 l
Filling Quantity:
4,5 l
Alcohol Strength:
12-14,5 % Vol.
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