Complex white wine from the Moselle

J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling Trocken 2018

J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling Trocken 2018
  • JWH-032018
  • Fine fruit notes, surrounded by mineral notes
  • Fresh, elegant and expressive on the palate
  • The perfect white wine for dinner
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The J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling Trocken is an elegant white wine whose grapes come from the...
The J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling Trocken is an elegant white wine whose grapes come from the single vineyard Trabener Würzgarten, a steep slope on the Mosel. Fine fruit aromas of lemons and yellow plums inspire in the bouquet and also on the palate notes of citrus fruits provide a wonderful fruit taste. The fresh acidity and a light minerality, which the J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling Trocken owes to the slate soil of the vineyard, perfect the pleasure experience. However, the white wine is not only a culinary highlight on its own, but also goes very well with fish, white meat or salads. By the way, this expressive wine reminds us of an equally strong woman: Louise Christine Huesgen, who played a decisive role in the success story of the winery in the 19th century.

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J.W. Huesgen Schiefer Riesling Trocken 2018
Grape Varieties:
Importer/ Distributor:
Villa Huesgen- An der Mosel 46- 56841 Traben Trarbach- Germany
Food Business Operator:
CAPREO GmbH- Gildeweg 10- 46562 Voerde- Germany
Villa Huesgen- An der Mosel 46- 56841 Traben Trarbach- Deutschland
Bottle Cap:
Screw Cap
14.95€ / bottle à 0,75 l
Filling Quantity:
0,75 l
Alcohol Strength:
12 % Vol.
5,9 g/l
Residual Sugar:
6,8 g/l
Serve at:
8-10 °C
Best before:
In the Cellar:
Fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

J.W. Huesgen – Riesling specialist from the Mosel

The cultivation and production of excellent wines has been in the Huesgen family's blood for centuries. Since 1735, Riesling wines with character have been produced in Traben-Trarbach on the Mosel. The family-owned winery is now in its eighth generation and combines innovation in the wine cellar and sustainable viticulture with tradition. Situated directly at the beginning of the wine route, the conditions were good from the very beginning to be successful. In the 19th century, Traben-Trarbach developed into the second-largest wine-trading city in the world after Bordeaux and the Mosel is the oldest wine-growing region in Germany – the best conditions for creating unique wines even today. These wines benefit from the fact that the region offers ideal conditions, especially for the Riesling grape variety. The result: J.W. Huesgen's wines are fruity and elegant, with beautiful acidity and minerality.

First-class locations on the Mosel deliver first-class J.W. Huesgen wines

The wines owe their character to the steep slopes on the Mosel – Enkircher Steffensberg and Trabener Würzgarten – which face south and southwest respectively and allow a long ripening time. The slaty soils of these locations supply the vines, some of which are over 60 years old, with minerals and give them their very unique flavour. In the Prussian Wine Classification of 1886, the Enkircher Steffensberg and Trabener Würzgarten locations were already given the highest classification. The high quality is transported from the vineyard to the wine cellar, where the optimally ripened, hand-picked grapes are carefully and with a lot of experience processed into excellent Riesling wines, which also have a high maturation potential. The fascinating mixture of tradition and modernity is also reflected in the individual J.W. Huesgen wines, as each of them reminds of strong women who have always shaped the history of the family-owned winery.

Women of strong character as namesakes for expressive J.W. Huesgen wines

One of these women is Maria Angelika Huesgen. After the death of her husband in 1782 she took over the management of the winery – and as she did this not only very skilfully but also extremely charmingly, she still bears the nickname "Grand Dame" to this day. A Grand Dame is also the Riesling Méthode Traditionelle, which reminds us of her with its fine perlage and elegance. Just as fine and with pleasant minerality is the Schiefer Riesling Trocken. The Mosel white wine is dedicated to Louise Christine Huesgen, who built a new house and wine cellar with her husband directly on the banks of the Mosel in the 19th century. Many decades later, Lotte Huesgen faced the great challenge of continuing the winery after the Second World War as a widow and single mother. A strong woman, who has been commemorated with a powerful wine, because the opulent Alte Reben Riesling Trocken is particularly expressive and intense in taste. The grapes for this opulent first-class Riesling by J.W. Huesgen come from vines that are over 60 years old. Not only this wine, but all three creations of the J.W. Huesgen collection are little gems from the Mosel, which provide the wine lover with delightful moments.