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Robert Parker – A Success Story Like no Other

Wine Awards

When in 1978, Robert Parker published the first issue of the magazine ‘The Wine Advocate’ in the USA, no one would have believed this – back then hardly known – magazine would one day be the most important wine rating system of the world. The lawyer Robert Parker from Baltimore published a list of wine ratings in his magazine, complemented by ratings using a 100 point scoring system. A totally blank slate in the wine scene back then, the Robert Parker Points quickly became the most important system. The lawyer turned his hobby into his dream job and has now been a wine specialized journalist for over 30 years. To the present day, the much-noticed points are published in ‘The Wine Advocate’ as well as in his books ‘Parker’s Wine Guide’ and ‘Bordeaux’. Besides, he regularly publishes in various wine and delicatessen magazines in France, the USA and Great Britain.

The Robert Parker Points

A part of his success is down to his revolutionary rating system which is now considered to be the most important factor for the perception of a wine’s quality worldwide. Usually, the wines are tasted in blind tastings in groups for better comparison but there are some exceptions like barrel tastings. The rating system is roughly based on American marks:

96 – 100 Robert ParkerPoints: extraordinary

90 – 95 Robert Parker Points: outstanding

80 – 89 Robert Parker Points:  barely above average to very good

70 – 79 Robert Parker Points: average

50 – 69 Robert Parker Points: unacceptable to below average

Those wines which Robert Parker assigns a special potential during storage receive a plus sign (+). The rating with the Robert ParkerPoints has gained such importance with time that wines that receive 90 points or more often experience a jump in price by over 100%. Amongst wine merchants, collectors and gourmets, this rating is an outstanding sign of quality which lets the demand suddenly increase. You can also say that receiving more than 90 points comes close to being knighted.

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