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Mundus Vini – Success Made in Germany

Mundus Vini

Mundus Vini, founded as late as 2001 by the international wine academy, has been a large, international success from the very beginning. Despite the wine prize being hosted in Germany, the Mundus Vini is a competition for wines from all cultivation areas worldwide. In the first year of its existence, over 2200 selected wines from the important cultivation areas of the world took part. In 2011, the Mundus Vini had a participant record of 6000 wines which shows what large influence the award nowadays has in Germany and the world.

Approximately 180 wine experts taste the submissions within two weeks. Starting in 2014, there will be two tastings per year in order to cope with the increased demand from the wine industry and the producers.

The founders of the Mundus Vini Award want to promote the quality and marketing of the submitted wines. Additionally, the award is a great forum for importers, winemakers, producers and consumers to on the one hand compare the wines among themselves and to introduce the public to one or two gems on the other. A helpful decision support and orientation guide for the wine purchase, not only for novices! For customers, it is a welcome orientation; for the winemaker, an award is the confirmation for his efforts. The winemakers can compare their performances and fine-tune their products to get better every year.

The Tasting at Mundus Vini

The tastings at the Mundus Vini Award are carried out by a judge panel which is constituted by German and international wine experts, wine analysts, specialised merchants, sommeliers, specialised journalists and the buyers from the most important businesses. Each panel consists of five to seven judges which taste and rate the wines. The rating is based on the worldwide accepted 100 point scoring system. Points are given for look, scent, flavour, harmony and overall impression. The rating system of Mundus Vini is as follows:

Mundus Vini Grand Gold: at least 95 points – absolute high quality wine

Mundus Vini Gold: at least 90 points – excellent wines of particular quality

Mundus Vini Silver: at least 85 points – very good wines

A maximum of 30 % of the products are awarded with the highest numbers of points. So far, no wine or sparkling wine has received the full 100 points but there are some wines every year that come very close to the picture-perfect result of 100 points.

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