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Viognier - The Aromatic Wine

Viognier is well-known for its aromatic wine. The bouquet intensely fills the air and mostly yellow and ripe fruits can be detected; peach and apricot are predominate. A white wine from this grape variety can also feature floral aromas. The scent therefore stays true to what the bright yellow colour of the Viognier suggests; on the tongue, the yellow notes also dominate. A good Viognier has high alcohol content yet it generally packages that well in its rich body.

Viognier – Quality Always Wins

Not even half a century ago, Viognier was almost extinct as the grape variety was not very popular amongst winemakers. The vine needs a warm climate; as a matter of fact, it has proven to come through dry periods very well. Yet it only grows few grapes which predestines it for poor yields in the first place. Additionally, the vines suffer from mildew quickly which results in the winemakers having to pay extra attention to their wine slopes. And so the inevitable happened. At the end of the 1960s, only 14 hectares were planted with Viognier in the great wine nation France, for example. Yet quality wins through in the wine world, too. The yields of the Viognier vines are low still, but they are very much high quality grapes from which absolute premium wines are created. Not least because of that, Viognier has recovered and winemakers increasingly cultivate it worldwide. Alone in France, there are more than 4.000 hectares today.

Viognier in South Africa

In South Africa, Viognier has only been in existence for a short time. Strict import regulations made it almost impossible for the winemakers to experiment with the white grape. The more astonishing it is that for some years now, Viognier is a little yet inherent part of South Africa’s wine scene and element of numerous high class wines. Viognier in South Africa is available in single grape wine as well as in various cuvees. A pure Viognier wine features the typical ‘yellow’ characteristics and has one of the richest aroma spectra altogether. As a whole, the grape variety presents itself as a willing partner with other grapes, and wine lovers can find it in white as well as red cuvees; there, the grape helps to enrich a weak bouquet or makes for exotic notes in white wines. The spectrum ranges from salubrious easy-drinking-wines up to real flagship premium wines for wine connoisseurs. All of them give off the typical aroma of a Viognier.

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