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Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh and Tangy

Generally, Sauvignon Blanc stands for enormously fresh and tangy white wine that is especially popular amongst wine lovers during the summer months. Unlike many other wines the colour green can definitely be seen as a quality feature of this grape. Not for nothing, Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be a ‘green white wine’. It owes this reputation to its wild character and the distinctive scent and taste. In the glass, a Sauvignon Blanc appears clear up to light yellow with a noticeable green tone. The bouquet is often defined by crisp fruits such as apple and gooseberry. Even grassy aromas are no rarity; blackcurrants make an appearance here and there as well. The white wine’s scent can range from light up to very aromatic. In the taste, a Sauvignon Blanc is also crisp, notes of green fruits reoccur. Furthermore, is has a fresh up to tangy acidity and features mineral tones.

Sauvignon Blanc – Quality through Restriction

Sauvignon Blanc delivers high yields as it is very robust and resistant. It buds quite late and is therefore less prone to frost which can be a mixed blessing; if yields are too high, the quality of the single grape suffers. This is why winemakers focusing on quality restrict the growth on the vines. Sauvignon Blanc is one parent of Cabernet Sauvignon, the red grape variety per se for so many wine enthusiasts. No wonder that gourmets worldwide appreciate this grape variety. After Chardonnay, it is the most popular white variety amongst the international audience.

Enjoy Sauvignon Blanc at an Early Stage

Wine lovers should enjoy a Sauvignon Blanc at an early stage; this is when the wine still has all its strength. This is also due to the fact that winemakers rarely develop single grape wines from Sauvignon Blanc in a wooden barrel. It can just reveal its typical character best when untreated. This does not imply that a Sauvignon Blanc that has been developed in oak is any less good, far from it. But then it is better off stored for one or two years in order for the wood aromas to be integrated better. In cuvees, the grape makes for a tangy, fruity character. Recently, the combination Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon has proven to be very pleasant. Such a white wine often features honey aromas and notes of yellow fruits yet keeps its freshness.

The Success Story of Sauvignon Blanc in South Africa

The grape is especially successful in the New World, even more so in South Africa. For historical reasons, South African winemakers have planted plenty of these vines and therefore gained much experience in growing and developing Sauvignon Blanc. Especially the local winemakers enjoyed and still enjoy Sauvignon Blanc as an internationally successful alternative to Chardonnay. Whilst in 1990, 3.300 hectares of area were planted with Sauvignon Blanc, this figure rose to 6.500 hectares in 2002; today, it is more than 8.000 hectares.

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