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Shiraz Makes for Spicy up to Soft Red Wine

Depending on the cultivation area, the Shiraz grape makes for different wine. At the Rhone in France, the grape variety is called Syrah and is known for its crimson red, spicy wine smelling and tasting of pepper. A Syrah wine is also rich in tannins and therefore smoky and dry in the finish. New World wines are also known under the name Shiraz. Shiraz is very different from the French Syrah even though it is the same grape variety. Australian or South African red wine from the grape is sweet, ripe and leaves a soft taste of chocolate on the tongue. Syrah as well as Shiraz make for a fragrant and full-bodied wine. Shiraz is considered to be one of the most noble grape varieties from which now and then majestically appearing wine can be produced. Wine lovers can store it in the cellar for a long time, as a Shiraz respectively Syrah has a great development potential and matures further for decades.

Shiraz Is High-Yielding and Robust

Shiraz plants are resistant to many diseases and pests which makes for high yields. Not least because of that, the robust grape has spread widely. Nevertheless, it sometimes drops many grapes during the ripening process. In French, this phenomenon is called coulure. The plant sometimes suffers from a lack of chlorophyll. Despite these little weaknesses, Shiraz/Syrah is considered to be one of the most resistant grape varieties; this is why winemakers cultivate it widely. Not for nothing it is one of the widest spread grape varieties worldwide. Quality and yield ratio are optimal for wine growers and lovers alike.

Shiraz in the Old and the New World

Shiraz respectively Syrah requires a warm climate. Originally, this grape derives from the south east of France yet it is mainly known as a New World wine. The name Shiraz originates from Australia, where the grape is number one. The success on the European market induced many winemakers to use the Australian name Shiraz instead of the French name Syrah. Depending on the taste a wine from the New World has, it is given the according name. Syrah wine is similar to the one from the Rhone area and is spicy with a smoky finish. A Shiraz bottle consists a red wine that matches the Australian one regarding sweetness and soft finish. In South Africa, Shiraz is very popular. In 1995, merely 1 % of cultivation area had been planted with this variety; within only a few years, the planted area had become eight times as much. The highest concentration of Shiraz can be found in Stellenbosch and Paarl.

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