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Malbec – Dark Wine with a Spicy Note

Malbec makes for a red wine of pronounced density. In the glass, the wine is almost opaque and therefore appears in a blood red up to a black red tone. Not for nothing, this variety is called ‘The Black Wine’ in England. Malbec is dense and rich in tannins. On the tongue, the grape leaves a taste of red berries and has a quite spicy finish. In good climatic conditions, the grape variety develops enough alcohol and structure to benefit from oak barrels. This is why Malbec red wine certainly has a high quality potential. The grape is one of the six approved varieties for the famous Bordeaux Blend, which is an award in itself.

Malbec Is a Demanding Grape Variety

Under unfavourable conditions, a Malbec does not quite reach the fruity taste of a Merlot. In fact, it can rather taste like a more rustic and short-lived version of it. Additionally, the Malbec grape is suffering from the most difficult problems of a winemaker. Prone to frost and mildew, as well as excessive drop of fruits - this grape variety is not particularly easy for wine growers. Nevertheless, the cultivation can be worth it, as a Malbec that ripens to its full potential can rank in the upper echelons of red wine grapes.

Malbec – From France to Argentina

Malbec used to be one of the most popular varieties in France, especially in Bordeaux. In the west of the country, the grape is mainly known under the name Cot. Yet Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot replaced it gradually and nowadays, winemakers only cultivate a few thousand hectares with this grape variety. In return, it regained its old rank in the New World. Especially in Argentina, many winemakers use Malbec or Malbeck, as it is often called there. The climate and soils let the grapes ripen much better and make for a harmonious and rich red wine. Here, the grape variety even surpasses the majestic Cabernet Sauvignon and gained a much higher status than in its country of origin France. Argentinean Malbeck can therefore also mature in oak barrels, as the wine loses some of its hardness and develops gentle vanilla notes.

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