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The World of
South African Wine

South Africa is thanks to unique conditions a perfect place to grow high-class wine. A maritime climate with good sun exposure but at the same time mild and constant temperatures give the vines enough power and taste for them to ripen almost perfectly. Thanks to modern cultivation methods and cellar technology that at the same time don’t break with proven traditions, the South African winemakers are able to get the best out of their vines. The country is especially known for its grape varieties Pinotage, the strong national grape, and the crisp Chenin Blanc. In the history of vine cultivation South Africa went through up and downs, like most countries did, but since a couple of years wine from this part of the world is as good as it gets. This is why one can enjoy a South African wine to many occasions. Apart from the right handling there is one main thing that one should do with these elegant wines: Sit back, enjoy their taste and feel the typical South African attitude to life.


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