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Wine from South Africa!

At CAPREO, you can find a great range of South African wine. You choose your wine conveniently from our online shop and we deliver the wines to your doorstep. You can also call us and together we can choose your new favourite wine.

We strive to ensure our wines are of the highest quality. South Africa enjoys a constantly rising reputation amongst gourmets not without good reason: laborious cultivation methods, state-of-the-art cellar technology and the special climate make it possible.

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It is our desire to make the best South African wines accessible to wine lovers in Europe. Through direct contact with the winemakers and our own team on location we search for the best wines and deliver them all over Europe.



Our wines are stored in our depot. There they are protected from direct sunlight and enjoy a stable temperature.

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CAPREO Service


We work together with international premium partner to ensure that your wines from South Africa reach you safely. Call us, if you have a question or would like to order personally.

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First class New World wines!

CAPREO stands for premium wines from South Africa. New World wine constantly surpasses the old wineries in Europe; an Australian Shiraz, a Malbec from Argentinia, a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon or a Pinotage from South Africa can now stand alone on their own merits.

Premium wines of the highest quality

Wineries in South Africa such as Neethlingshof, Vrede en Lust, Fairview and many more increasingly rely on the production of high class wine. No longer is South Africa an up-and- coming wine country, it now belongs to the best wine countries in the world


Wine online shop with detailed descriptions

You can find over 50 wineries and their products in the wine online shop from CAPREO. We gave every wine an extensive detailed description. Which wine goes with what food, what is special about that grape variety and for how long can I store this wine? You can find the answers to all these questions and more in our online shop for wine from South Africa.

No matter whether you want to buy a white wine or a red wine, a sparkling wine or a rosé, a dessert wine or a whole box of wine, have a look around in our online shop for South African wine or call us for an individual consultation. We take care of your request.

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Why Choose South African Wine?

German Riesling, Bordeaux wine from France, Malbec from Argentina, Shiraz from Australia and Italian Chianti – the world is full of fantastic wines. So why bother being concerned with South African wines, too? The answer is quite simple: because it is worth it. South African viniculture has improved a lot in the course of the last two decades, especially in regards to quality. Modern cellar technology combined with time-proven tradition and environmentally friendly cultivation methods make the wine from South Africa a sought-after premium product. Winemakers at the Cape and in the regions such as Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Constantia and Paarl create true high quality wines year after year that do not have to cower before their international competition but can mix it at the top. It would simply be a pity if you could not enjoy these great products in Europe, too.

The CAPREO Quality Criteria

In order for a South African winery to become part of the range of CAPREO, it has to meet several criteria. The wines have to be of an outstanding quality and the value-for-money ratio needs to be above average. Furthermore, the winery has to be modern in a positive sense: how old and how good is the cellar technology, what is the atmosphere like on the winery between the staff and the guests, what is the relation of viniculture to the surrounding nature like? Only when a winery ticks all those boxes, CAPREO will include it.