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Traditional winery Joachim Flick and his authentic Rheingau Riesling

The Joachim Flick winery is located on an old mill site in the wine-growing community of Wicker, which was first mentioned in 1318 and has always symbolized the eastern gateway to the Rheingau. Since 1992, the qualified oenologist Reiner Flick has been running the winery in the second generation and is particularly inspiring with his first-class Riesling creations. There are idyllic meadows and vines on the 20 hectares of land, which in addition to Riesling also produce Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
Since 1999, the Flick Winery has been a member of the “Association of German Prädikat Wineries” (VDP), which is committed to binding quality standards and ecological cultivation. In addition to estate and local wines, the Flick Winery also produces classified site wines, including particularly high quality wines (Große Gewächse) such as Wicker Nonnberg "Vier Morgen", Hochheim Königin Victoriaberg "Dechantenruhe" and Hochheim Hölle "Kantelbor". Perfect soil conditions and the climate contribute significantly to the quality and individual character of the wines. Under the constant aspect of sustainability and in order to do something good for nature, Flick uses only organic fertilizers and biological pest controllers to protect biodiversity and species diversity at the same time. Flick's red wines and white wines are aged in traditional wooden barrels made from the local tannus oak and stored in a spacious wine cellar decorated with a beautiful cross vault.

Unique vineyards of the Joachim Flick Winery

The foundation of the winery are the beautiful vineyards, whose care is the first priority. The sites of Reiner Flick include Hochheimer Hölle, Wickerer Mönchsgewand and Wickerer Stein. The two most famous and oldest vineyards are the monopole layers Nonnberg and Queen Victoriaberg, which are exclusively managed by the Flick Winery. The Nonnberg was originally owned by monasteries and was cultivated by the nuns. The vineyards of the Flick Winery are located in the so-called "Mainz Basin", an area where a freshwater sea was found about 30 million years ago, therefore the soil still has a high lime content. For this reason, the wines from the Flick Winery have a unique minerality that is particularly pleasant to the palate. The Queen Victoria Mountain is majestic. In 1845 the English Queen Victoria was invited to a wine tasting and immediately delighted the nobility. The then owner of the vineyard received permission from the English court to name the vineyard after the Queen. Even today the royal coat of arms adorns the labels of the Riesling and is regularly served on many occasions of the English royal family.

Winery Joachim Flick and the Dernbach nuns - a blessed joint project

Influenced by the long history of the winery, its philosophy is to combine tradition and innovation and to pass on its knowledge to the next generations. This philosophy is also maintained in connection with the former owners, the Dernbach nuns. In 2018 the nuns and the Flick Winery joined forces in a joint project to harvest the grapes and produce 700 bottles of traditionally pressed Riesling Spätlese (late harvest). The proceeds went to help children in need in Nigeria.
The Flick Winery also has a lot to offer visitors, for example for private parties and company celebrations, or open-air concerts in the summer. At public tastings, local winemakers are invited to show guests the diversity of the Rheingau and to enjoy the famous Rheingau Riesling.