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Peter Falke - Excellent wines from an unique terroir

Peter Falke winery wine barrel | CAPREO

The Peter Falke Wines winery is located on the Groenvlei Farm in the picturesque Stellenbosch region at the slopes of the famous Helderberg Mountains. The winery is owned by Peter Falke, the famous German hosier, along with his French wife Daniele. The wine farm’s origins go back to the 18th century yet it was not until the late 1990s when it reached its full potential. When Peter Falke opened a manufacturing site in South Africa for his hosiery company, his great passion for this country and for South African wine was born.

After several years in a hotel, Peter Falke went on his way to search for the right estate. In 1995, he finally decided on the Groenvlei Farm and made his long-standing dream come true. Daniele, a trained designer and interior architect, quickly set to work. The old Cape Dutch style was elegantly mixed with contemporary modernity. Several metres tall red corkscrews tower from the earth and on the walls of the manour house, waterfalls of colourful bougainvilleas drape like feather boas. A state-of-the-art cellar, the exclusive outdoor tasting facility, where light snacks, such as cheese platters and European-style salads are carefully selected to complement Peter Falkes wine portfolio, as well as the unique wine tasting in the luxury boutique complete the philosophy of Peter Falke Wines.

Peter Falke Wines – Excellent Conditions in a Unique Terroir
The wine region Stellenbosch is the most famous of its kind in South Africa. Peter Falke Wines is located in beautiful surroundings that offer the best conditions for the cultivation of wine. There is a very good reason this territory is known as the 'Golden Triangle'. The maritime climate that prevails here gives the grapes excellent possibilities for ripening. Peter Falke studied the surrounding terroir for years to make sure to cultivate the grape varieties at the ideal location. His philosophy is based on traditional harvest by hand, not using chemical pesticides as well as minimal intervention during production.

Two Ranges for the Best Pleasure
Peter Falke currently has two product lines on offer which are of the highest quality and encapsulate the delight of the winery. They perfectly mirror the spirit and the terroir of the estate. The PF Range consists of five first-class wines. The four single-variety wines Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Blanc de Noir and Sauvignon Blanc are part of it. The classic in this range is the Ruby Blend, a blend made using Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Due to wonderful notes of plums, rhubarb and cloves it is an absolute highlight for gourmets. This range is very multi-faceted yet features an easily accessible character. The Signature Range is meant for the more sophisticated gourmet and is defined by two wines of an outstanding quality. The Exclusive Blend is dominated by the noble grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon and entices nose and palate with the aromas of red fruits and a certain richness as well as full character. The Syrah treats gourmets with its intense aromas of blackcurrants and cherries, wonderfully underlined with pepper and vanilla.

Peter Falke Wines offers ten different wines. This low number ensures the winery can utilize all of its expertise, skill and passion into making sure these wines are close to perfection. This is also proven by the numerous awards and prices that Peter Falke was able to achieve in the past.



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