Travel safely to and in South Africa: Entry Requirements

The country on the Cape, like any other country, has entry requirements which must be observed. We summarized briefly, which documents you need so that your dream trip does not end at the airport. Above all, if you are traveling with underage children, you will need documents that you must request in advance of your trip – you should take this into account in the preparations. So that you not only arrive safely at the destination, but also enjoy the most beautiful end of the world carefree, we have put together a few safety tips for you. More general travel tips can be found here.


In order to enter the country, Europeans require a passport that is at least valid for 30 days after the day of departure and that has at least two free pages for entries from the authorities. The duration of stay cannot exceed a maximum of 90 days.
Traveling with children - you should know that

For children, there are stricter rules that you should definitely comply with; if in doubt, you might not be allowed to enter the plane. Besides a child passport, minors are required to have an international birth certificate if they are travelling with both biological parents. If only one parent accompanies the arrival or departure of the country, a certified approval of the other parent is required to do so. You can find more information here:


South Africa has a much higher record of criminal offences which is why travellers should take special precautions to avoid theft and robberies. With good preparation and a sensible, risk-minimising behaviour, the chance to become a victim of a crime in South Africa can substantially be reduced:
Valuable objects should not be displayed openly. The city centres of Cape Town, Johannesburg and other large cities should be avoided after dark, on Sundays and public holidays. We recommend to travel all distances (regardless of how short they are) in your own car or a taxi. If driving yourself, you should plan longer cross-country travels so that you arrive at your destination before dark. Make sure to always have your car doors or house doors as well as windows of your accommodation locked at all times. If you become the victim of a robbery, do not fight back.

Apart from that, we recommend a high attention at cash machines, just as you would in any other country. Do not leave valuable objects laying around openly in your car or unattended in restaurants. Always use the safe in the hotel.

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