Fascination Franschhoek - A day at the Franschhoek Village Market

What motivates a South African traveller to travel to Franschhoek? The sights like the Huguenot Monument at the eastern end of Main Street, which reminds of the history of the place from 1685 or the church from 1847 standing in the centre or even the town hall? My motivation at the end of 2014 was the winery Haute Cabrière, which I had read is famous for its Méthode Cap Classique. At that time we were only one hour in Franschhoek, as we were passing through, and spent this time mainly on the wonderful terrace of the winery with one of the most beautiful panoramic views into the valley. Therefore, our next South Africa tour should end with a few days in Franschhoek in order to recover from 3500 kilometres through wonderful landscapes and with fantastic safaris.

Popular market with locals and tourists

I had made a discovery during my travel preparations in advance when I became aware of the Saturday market in Franschhoek (https://franschhoekvillagemarket.co.za/). This market is not only popular with the locals, but also with day-trippers from the Cape region and a worthwhile destination for us tourists next to the wineries and the very good restaurants. Despite its popularity it was not too crowded, one could stroll relaxed through the alleys and rummage in peace at the stands. For us it was very positive that it was not just about some souvenirs or tourist articles, but we rather felt reminded of an art and crafts market.


Relaxed atmosphere at the Franschhoek Village Market

The weather (end of September - spring) was ideally sunny and not too warm. Nice live music was played and a smell of freshly cooked delicacies hung in the air. It came as it had to come! When we found a very tasty MCC at a drinks stand, which was served ice-cold, we looked for a seat. There we got very nice contact to the locals and the time flew by. After all we were "stranded" at this market and just enjoyed the weather, the nice people, the music and the relaxed atmosphere (and Graham Beck Brut Rosé). After our walk to our La Cabrière Country House with coffee and cake at the pool, we were very happy to be in Franschhoek on a Saturday and to experience this market, especially as we still had enough time the next day to visit the wineries.


© Pictures and Text: Wilhelm Hardich (Member of the CAPREO South Africa Traveller‘s Club)

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