A day in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is one of the most popular wine regions in South Africa and, with its abundance of wineries, is a real paradise for wine lovers. Discover the magic of this region with our beautiful daily program.
Fancy a trip through South Africa’s most beautiful wine regions? You will be enchanted by fascinating landscapes and excellent wines. Helen Blatch takes you on a tour from Stellenbosch over Paarl to Constantia and introduce you to old and new favorite places in the South African Winelands.
Wilhelm Hardich, member of the South Africa Traveller's Club, has been very enthusiastic about Franschhoek since his first trip to the Cape. Here he reveals to other South Africa fans what fascinates him so much about the region. He also has an excursion tip ready: the Franschhoek Village Market.
Discover the Winelands on the Cape with the South Africa Traveller's Club and enjoy exclusive benefits from the participating partner-wineries.