How about participating in a typical South African Braai? Have you ever sipped a cocktail in front of the Twelve Apostles? Or how about a boat trip to Robben Island and get an insight into the history of Nelson Mandela? Cape Town and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. We present our top 20 leisure activities, with activities for every taste.

A day in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is one of the most popular wine regions in South Africa and, with its abundance of wineries, is a real paradise for wine lovers. Discover the magic of this region with our beautiful daily program.

A dreamlike sleep - the best hotels in the Winelands

You not only want to be on ‘cloud wine‘, but also sleep wonderfully? No problem, because many wineries in South Africa have their own hotel. We tell you where you can spend the night excellently.
Fancy a trip through South Africa’s most beautiful wine regions? You will be enchanted by fascinating landscapes and excellent wines. Helen Blatch takes you on a tour from Stellenbosch over Paarl to Constantia and introduce you to old and new favorite places in the South African Winelands.
South Africa inspires with great wines, but also with a breathtaking landscape, which you can experience and enjoy both in the Botanical Garden Kirstenbosch in Cape Town and in the Winelands. We will tell you which gardens at the Cape Wineries you should definitely have seen.
You love good wine and like to be on the move? At the Cape you can combine both. Enjoy the excellent wines and get to know wineries like Babylonstoren, Muratie, Spier and Steenberg also from the sportive side.
Africa without a Safari? For many unthinkable. Often a Safari tour and a Cape Town vacation is incompatible due to lack of time. We’ve found the perfect compromise for you with South Africas most beautiful Game Reserves around Cape Town.
Dive into South Africas breathtaking nature and discover the most beautiful, one-day hiking trails for starters! From walks in coastal forests to hikes onto gigantic mountains, the vast variety of the Western Cape is hard to outperform.

Discover Cape Town off the beaten tourist track

Leave the beaten tracks and discover Cape Town away from the tourist flows without missing any sights! Enjoy the nicest spots of the Mother City and experience unforgettable moments.
Wilhelm Hardich, member of the South Africa Traveller's Club, has been very enthusiastic about Franschhoek since his first trip to the Cape. Here he reveals to other South Africa fans what fascinates him so much about the region. He also has an excursion tip ready: the Franschhoek Village Market.

From winery to winery with the Franschhoek Wine Tram

Travel instead of lawn whilst enjoying the breathtaking landscape and the great wines of Franchhoek – the Franschhoek Wine Tram makes it possible. Let yourself be chauffeured through the valley at 32 kilometers per hour and stop off at a variety of wineries.
Discover the Winelands on the Cape with the South Africa Traveller's Club and enjoy exclusive benefits from the participating partner-wineries.
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