Vegetarian roasting spit with Halloumi cheese and paprika

For 4 persons

Ingredients: 250 g/2 piece Halloumi grilled cheese, 1 stalk rosemary, ½ pot oregano, 1 teaspoon coarse pepper, 8 tablespoons olive oil, 500 g/4 pieces narrow and long peppers, a few pickled red pepper peppers, wooden shashlik spit


You should cut the Halloumi cheese into four wide, long strips beforehand. Then remove the rosemary needles from the stalk and loosen the oregano leaves. Now olive oil and coarse pepper can be mixed with the herbs. The cheese is drizzled with the marinade and should infuse for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile cut the peppers in the middle and wash them off. After the cheese has been removed from the marinade, it is pinned on a long wooden spit with one half of paprika and now only needs to sizzle on the grill for about 5 minutes. Finally, the skewer can be served with the pickled peppers. You only need 30 minutes for this delicious vegetarian grill dish, which is ideal to enjoy on beautiful summer evenings.

Our wine recommendation

This simple yet delicious grilled dish tastes best with a fresh white wine, which is the perfect companion to cheese dishes. For example the Fairview Darling Sauvignon Blanc 2020 is a great companion with it's tropical notes. Or how about the Muratie Melck's Sauvignon Blanc 2020? A fresh white wine with a tangy acidity that is the ideal combination with a delicious cheese dish.

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