Spice-rice pudding with crispy almonds

Ingredients: 50 g almonds, 50 g dried apricots (halved) , 1-2 bags of Sweet-Chai-Tea (the more, the more intense is the spice aroma), content removed, 1 organic orange: skin finely peeled, 100 g pressed juice, 40 g sugar, 1L milk, 2 pinches of salt, 220 g pudding rice, 20 g liquid honey

Crush the almonds and apricots with a mortar or blender and give it into a pan. Crush or blend the Chai-tea, orange peel and the sugar as well. Put milk, 1 pinch of salt and rice pudding in a pot, bring the rice pudding to the boil while sti rring, then leave to swell for approximately 35 minutes covered at the lowest setti ng. Sti r again and again. During this ti me, roast the almond mixture in a pan over medium heat unti l golden and season with a pinch of salt. Add the orange juice to the fi nished rice pudding and mix in. Arrange rice pudding in small bowls, add almond mixture and sprinkle with honey.



Our Wine Recommendation

Sweet and sweet are a pleasure to join – especially when the dessert is creamy. Therefore, you should definitely choose one of the dessert wines as a companion for the spice-rice pudding. The Waterford The Family Heitherleigh is a blend of Sémillon and Muscat d’ Alexandrie whose aromas are defined by dried apricots and softly underlined by the scent of nutmeg and vanilla. The Neethlingshof The Maria 2017 has been awarded with The Michelangelo Gold and convinces also with fruity aromas which are surrounded by sweet honey nuances.

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