Juicy butter chicken in aromatic herb marinade

Ingredients for the marinade: 5 kg chicken strips, 1 kg natural yogurt, 100 g garam masala, 100 g ginger, 100 g garlic, 2 lemon peels and juice, 50 g coriander, 50 g cumin, 30 g turmeric, 20 g chili flakes, pepper

Ingredients for the sauce: 500 g tomato paste, 500 g butter, 1l cream, 150 g ground cumin, 100 g ground coriander, 10 cloves, 5 cinnamon sticks, 100 g fenugreek, salt and pepper

For the marinade, first add all the spices, the lemon zest and the juice to the yogurt and marinate the chicken strips with it. Leave the chicken overnight so that the marinade can soak into the meat.

For the preparation of the sauce, bring the tomato paste to a boil in a saucepan and then slowly stir in the butter. Then combine all the spices in a pan and sauté them over low heat. Add the sweated spices to the tomato-butter mixture, add the cream and cook until all the components are mixed together. Pass the mixture through a sieve and season to taste. Now fry the marinated chicken in a pan, then add the sauce and serve with rice or Indian flatbread.

Our wine recommendation:

The Rickety Bridge Chenin Blanc 2020 is a great companion for creamy sauces and poultry, as it offers lovely notes of pineapple and stone fruit, similarly the Rickety Bridge Chardonnay 2019, whose flavors of caramel and spice tantalize the palate. The multi-faceted and well-structured Rickety Bridge The Foundation Stone White 2018 delights with freshness and elegance, which fits quite wonderfully with poultry dishes.

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