Dark chocolate tart with peanut butter

Serves for 12

Ingredients: 200 g butter biscuits, 240 g icing sugar, 100 g melted butter, 240 g peanut butter, 1 tsp salt, 200 ml cream, 300 g dark chocolate

To garnish: fresh berries or cherries

For the base of the tart, first crush the butter biscuits with a food processor. Alternatively, break the biscuits into coarse pieces, put them in a freezer bag, roll over them with a rolling pin and grind the biscuits finely in this way. Put the biscuit crumbs in a bowl with the icing sugar, butter, peanut butter and salt and mix the ingredients together to form a dough. Pour the mixture into a tart or springform pan and press down evenly. Place the tin in the fridge.

Now it is the turn of the filling. Chop the chocolate into small pieces. Then heat the cream until it is warm but not boiling. Add the chocolate pieces to the cream, let it sit for five minutes and then stir until it is smooth. If the mixture does not become smooth, heat it for half a minute and continue stirring. Then spread the chocolate cream over the tart base. Put the tart back in the fridge until the filling has set.

To serve, take the tart out of the fridge and release it from the tin while it is still cold and firm, as it can become very soft if left to stand for a long time. Enjoy the tart when it is not too cold – room temperature is best. Garnish with a few berries or cherries if you like.

Our wine recommendation

With the Spier Creative Block 5 2018, the delicious chocolate tart becomes a culinary highlight, as the well-structured and balanced red wine blend combines fruity notes of cherries, berries and dark chocolate – and therefore perfectly reflects the flavours of the tart. Alternatively, you can also choose the Spier Signature Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 or the Spier Signature Collection Merlot 2021, as both red wines pick up on the fruit and chocolate nuances of the tarte.

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