Cape Velvet – fruity sundowner from the Cape

Ingredients: 2 shots Cape Floral Gin, 1 shot CAPETOWNIAN Spirit Aperitif, 1 shot lemon juice, 1 shot sugar syrup, ½ kiwi, 1 kiwi slice for garnish, ice cubes

A fruity cocktail and a balmy summer evening go together perfectly. With this creation from Cape Town, you can dream yourself away on a South African beach. Simply puree half the kiwi and pour the fruit puree into a shaker with the other ingredients. Shake everything well and then pour into a glass filled with ice cubes. Before serving, garnish with half a kiwi slice and enjoy – because the ginger and orange flavours of the CAPETOWNIAN Spirit Aperitif harmonise wonderfully with the fruity flavours of the cocktail.

Our Recommendation

This fruity cocktail is a delicious piece of South Africa in a glass, because the handcrafted spirits Selection 16/79 Cape Floral Gin and CAPETOWNIAN Spirit Aperitif give the Cape Velvet its unique character. While Selection 16/79 Cape Floral Gin combines classic juniper aromas with South African herbs, Selection 16/79 Capetownian scores with notes of ginger and blood orange. On their own, but even more so in combination, they are simply ideal for this delicious sundowner.

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