Blueberry Infusion: Jacoba Six Botanical Gin the summer way

Ingredients: 50 ml Jacoba Six Botanical Gin, 200 ml tonic water (e.g. Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water), a handful of blueberries, 1-2 small cucumber slices, 2 sprigs of fresh thyme, ice

Fill a glass with ice and add the Jacoba Six Botanical Gin and tonic water. Finish with a few blueberries, finely sliced cucumber and fresh thyme – and you have a fruity, fresh cocktail for the summer.


Our recommendation

The cocktail tastes best with the Jacoba Six Botanical Gin. The classic Premium Dry Gin not only delights with its classic juniper note, but also with its South African touch, which it owes to the botanicals rooibos and buchu, as well as a fresh citrus note. The blueberries add another flavour dimension to the gin and the thyme fits perfectly with the citrus flavours, while the cucumber slices provide an extra kick of freshness.

Tags: Cocktail

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