Beef burger with balsamic onions

For 4 portions


For the balsamic onions: 15 g butter, 15 ml olive oil, 2 onions, 4 thyme branches, 45 ml balsamic vinegar, 30 g brown sugar, salt and pepper

For the burgers: 600-800 g ground beef, 4 sesame buns, mayonnaise, finely sliced lettuce, sliced mature cheddar cheese, pickled cucumbers and butter for roasting


At first we will start with the balsamic onions. Peel the onions, cut it in thin slices and hull the thyme branches. Heat the butter and oil in a large wide pot and add the onions and thyme. Roast over medium heat until the onions are gold brown. Turn up the heat; add the balsamic and the brown sugar. Stirring until the vinegar reduces to a syrup. Remove from the heat and season the balsamic onions with salt and pepper.
Now it is time for the burgers. Divide the mince into 4 equal parts and shape into burger patties which are a little wider than your buns (they will shrink in the pan). Heat the butter in a large pan and fry the patties on each side until they have a nice dark crust on the outside and are a bit pink in the middle, seasoning with salt and pepper as you go. Remove from the pan and let them rest for about 3 minutes before serving. As a little tip, you can also put the patties on the grill.
In the meantime, prepare the buns. Cut them horizontally, spread the insides of the buns with butter and give them a quick toast in a pan or on the grill. Spread the bottom halves with mayonnaise and top it with shredded lettuce. Now put the freshly roasted burger patties on top, together with the cheddar and pickles. Finally take the second burger half and serve it. Some may like potato wedges as a side dish.

Our Wine Recommendation

For this delicious burger variant of our partner estate Spier we recommend an uncomplicated red wine with an accessible character like the Spier Signature Collection Pinotage 2019. Beautiful plum aromas with a hint of cinnamon, paired with soft tannins guarantee a great taste experience. Or you try the Spier Signature Collection Merlot 2019. A red wine which scores with fruity and earthy notes. A great food companion. Who likes it a bit more spicy may try the Spier Collection Range Shiraz 2019. With its undertones of caramelized sugar the red wine fits perfectly with the beef burger and balsamic onions.

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