Angus Beef sirloin served Carpaccio style with cream cheese & salad

Serves for 4


Ingredients for the beef Sirloin: 700 g Angus beef sirloin (cut into 2 portions lengthways), sunflower oil, salt & pepper, mustard dijon

Ingredients for the Salad: 35 g or 4 small radishes (sliced thinly), 80 g or 4 small yellow beets (raw & sliced thinly), 25 g microgreens, 100 g baby marrows, 1 large carrot, 100 g cream cheese with black pepper, 30 g Peppadews or red pepper, 20 g capers, 60 g olives, possibly mix with strawberries or peaches

Ingredients for the Dressing: 45 ml olive oil, 15 ml balsamic vinegar, 15 ml lemon juice


In a well-heated pan you gently roast the seasoned meat on all sides briefly to guarantee even color on the outside and rawness on the inside. Once this is ensured you take the meat out of the pan, rub it with mustard and let it cool down. Afterwards you cut the sirloin into fine slices and lay it onto a large plate. With a well-balanced combination of olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar you are able to prepare a tasty salad dressing. Third step is to prepare the salad garnish and spread it over the seasoned meat. For this you shave the carrot and baby marrows lengthways by using a vegetable peeler and mix those with pepper, microgreens, capers, radishes and olives afterwards. You might as well experiment with strawberries or peaches to create a fruity touch. Add cubed cream cheese to the salad. With the dressing you give the salad its final finish and voilà… you’re ready to enjoy a yummy salad with that certain something!

Our Wine Recommendation

The Angus Beef sirloin salad dish can be enjoyed best with the Fairview Coastal Chenin Blanc 2020. Undoubtedly the perfect match with its fresh and well-balanced notes. For all Chardonnay enthusiasts the classic Chardonnay 2019 from Fairview is the perfect choice. The bouquet combines citrus aromas with a fine oak note and also shows fresh fruit nuances, which are surrounded by soft spice.

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