Vegetable frittata with green asparagus

Whether as a starter or simply between meals – a frittata is a delicious and versatile egg dish. Our partner winery Leopard's Leap has conjured up a delicious variation for spring and topped the frittata with green asparagus.

Spicy tomato cream soup with chorizo

Whether as a starter or a small snack between meals – a creamy tomato soup is easy to prepare and always delicious. Our partner winery Stellenzicht has revealed a spicy version of the soup classic to us.
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Warm cheese-garlic spread from the oven

Cheese and red wine are a culinary dream team. Our partner winery Alto has a delicious idea for a warm spread variant. All you need for enjoyable moments is your favourite bread and a glass of red wine.
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Grilled sandwiches with cheese – called braaibroodjie in South Africa – are simply part of a convivial braai in the Cape. Our partner winery Leopard's Leap reveals how the barbecue classic is prepared.
Grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic at the South African braai. Our partner winery, Leopard's Leap, reveals how to play with ingredients and prepare a delicious variation on the popular braaibroodjie.

Wrapped salmon in puff pastry with grilled asparagus

When salmon meets grilled asparagus and puff pastry, there's something delicious on the table that everyone loves to eat. Our partner winery La Motte told us how to make this delicious little dish.
A little cheese and sausage, plus a few tomatoes and crusty bread – such a mixed platter with small delicacies makes the wine enjoyment perfect. The best thing is: you can top the platter to your heart's content; we serve you a suggestion here.
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Blanc de Noir jelly with raspberry pearls

Kurzbeschreibung: We serve you the perfect intermediate course for a multi-course festive menu. The jelly is refined with rosé and garnished with raspberries – et voilà: The little delicacy for in between is ready.
Tags: Rosé, Dessert, Snacks
Are you looking for an elegant starter that is also easy to prepare and delicious? Then the grilled crayfish tails are just the thing for you. With a glass of sparkling wine, they are the perfect start to your festive menu.

Bruschetta with roasted peppers in balsamic dressing

Whether as a starter or finger food at a party – bruschetta is popular and simply delicious. Our partner winery Spier has topped the baguette not classically with tomatoes, but with roasted peppers – a delicious variation that you should definitely try!

Summer pizza with prosciutto and rocket

A delicious pizza is always good, and it tastes even better when homemade. Our partner winery Neethlingshof told us about a delicious variation with proscuitto and rocket - a culinary delight especially in summer.
A different take on asparagus! Warwick's spring dish combines light and fresh components with a little extra pizzazz from asparagus wrapped in crispy bacon.
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