Wrapped salmon in puff pastry with grilled asparagus

When salmon meets grilled asparagus and puff pastry, there's something delicious on the table that everyone loves to eat. Our partner winery La Motte told us how to make this delicious little dish.

Fine asparagus cream soup

Asparagus cream soup is one of the classics of the asparagus season. It is easy to prepare from fresh asparagus, can be served as a starter or main course and will melt the hearts of asparagus fans.
A different take on asparagus! Warwick's spring dish combines light and fresh components with a little extra pizzazz from asparagus wrapped in crispy bacon.
Asparagus and Hollandaise sauce – that's all you need. Our partner winery Spier thought the same and shows how to prepare the dream couple in a very simple way.
Our partner winery Warwick shows how to conjure up an absolutely harmonious vegetarian dish from fresh asparagus and crunchy vegetables.
Potato chips are a delicious party snack. Our partner winery Spier tells you how to spice up the golden yellow, crispy slices with avocado cream and crunchy asparagus. The perfect finger food for carefree, warm spring evenings.
Whether cooked, smoked or pickled - salmon is one of the most popular food fish. Our partner winery Ricktey Bridge combines tender salmon with a creamy pea risotto and crisp asparagus.

Asparagus goat cheese soufflé

Spring is asparagus time! The royal vegetables are now in high season for a few weeks. How about a delicious soufflés with goat cheese? Our partner winery La Motte reveals how it works.

Breaded Asparagus

Finally, the asparagus season is about to start. But it does not always have to be the classic combination with hollandaise sauce. How about wrapping your asparagus in a crunchy breading for a change?

Asparagus Strawberry Salad

You do not always want to dribble your asparagus with sauce hollandaise but do not give up the royal vegetable? How about a light salad that combines white and green asparagus? The strawberries bring colour into play and ensure the right topping.

Grilled Asparagus for Braii

How about a South African Braii with Ostrich Steak, Pork Belly, Scallops and Asparagus? We have some great recipe ideas with selected wines from the Cape for you.