Red wine cake

To mix thing up a little, do not pour your red wine in a glass, but in a cake! It is quickly made, is sure to turn out great and is super delicious! The combination of dark chocolate and red wine is simply a must for every sweet tooth and red wine fan!

Vegetable curry with coconut milk

This exotic curry delights with its light pungency, mild coconut milk and fresh vegetables. Add a multi-faceted white wine with tropical notes or a fruity, spicy red wine - and the taste experience is perfect!
Simple and super tasty – this is a cocktail recipe from our partner Wilderer Distillerie. Mix together a top class cocktail and enjoy a unique piece of South Africa in a glass!
Do you love apple pie? Then you should try this cocktail recipe from our partner Wilderer Distillerie, because the Rogue Apple Pie Moonshine taste like apple pie – only in liquid form with finest destillates.
Spring in a glass – our partner, Wilderer Distillery, has shown us how it is achieved. All you need is a little Rosewater Gin and a handful of rose petals and raspberries.