Creamy Cauliflower soup

Cabbage and soups are a welcome guest on our plates, especially in winter. Our partner winery Peter Falke has lifted the lid of the soup pot for us – anyone who likes cauliflower will love this soup.

Fiery chilli con carne soup

In winter, a hot soup warms us wonderfully from the inside – and this one in particular. Our partner winery Peter Falke told us the recipe for this fiery soup.
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Spicy glazed roast duck on wild rice

Dishes with duck are a classic in the cold season. Our partner winery La Motte has given us a delicious variation for a spicy roast in a bed of wild rice – a great idea for the festive menu on the holidays.
Especially in the cold season it is a classic: a cosy raclette evening. Sure, everyone has their own personal favourite ingredients. These creative ideas bring a breath of fresh air into the pans and provide for delicious aha-moments.
Forrest Gump has already known: “Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get." Our partner winery Leopard's Leap shows how to make super simple and delicious chocolate pralines yourself.
Lasagne with minced meat and a simple tomato sauce is yesterday´s news. Try the variation with lamb and focus on two different sauces that harmonize wonderfully with each other. The mixture of a hearty lamb-meat sauce and an elegant béchamel sauce creates a strong taste, which is rounded off by mozzarella and parmesan. Your mouth will be watering!
Potato chips are a delicious party snack. Our partner winery Spier tells you how to spice up the golden yellow, crispy slices with avocado cream and crunchy asparagus. The perfect finger food for carefree, warm spring evenings.

Hummus with extra virgin olive oil

As a dip or spread on bread - with homemade hummus made from chickpeas, sesame and good olive oil you conjure a piece of the Orient onto your plate.
Whether cooked, smoked or pickled - salmon is one of the most popular food fish. Our partner winery Ricktey Bridge combines tender salmon with a creamy pea risotto and crisp asparagus.
For all hobby bakers who like to experiment a little, our partner winery Leopard's Leap offers an unusual baking variation: chocolate brownies with a base of raisin rolls. These fluffy sweet treats can be easily baked at home.

Red wine cake

To mix thing up a little, do not pour your red wine in a glass, but in a cake! It is quickly made, is sure to turn out great and is super delicious! The combination of dark chocolate and red wine is simply a must for every sweet tooth and red wine fan!

Vegetable curry with coconut milk

This exotic curry delights with its light pungency, mild coconut milk and fresh vegetables. Add a multi-faceted white wine with tropical notes or a fruity, spicy red wine - and the taste experience is perfect!
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