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Who is CAPREO?

CAPREO is the online specialist for high quality wines from South Africa (until the 30.09.2014 it was known under the name RED SIMON, for more details, please follow this link). CAPREO chooses the most exciting estates from over 600 producers. The recently established business maintains an intense relationship with its currently 30 partner wineries. Regular visits to the country and the own representation in the cultivation region is the focus. This is the only way to ensure an optimal wine selection. Over 300 premium wines selected this way are shipped to customers all over Europe. The online trader was founded in 2010 and currently has a double-digit growth. A total of twelve employees work in Germany as well as Cape Town. The own customer service and a team of specialised wine advisors complete the extraordinary service level. 

Only true Premium Wines make it into the Portfolio

This close connection requires great effort - but we happily accept it if this means we can offer unique wines. Additionally, we have a fantastic support with our team in South Africa that helps us every day. For example, with the selection of new partner wineries and the constant improvement of the CAPREO wine range. We discover the wineries and their special products together: what do their wines taste like, what noble delicacies are in their portfolio, how passionate do they represent their wines and how is the atmosphere at the winery in general? Only when all questions are answered and our quality criteria met we add a new estate to the CAPREO range. Our regular visits on site are important - several times a year we fly to Cape Town to visit our partners, talk to new winemakers and, it could not be otherwise, to enjoy fine wine from the Cape!

Close to the Action with a Team on Site

There are more than 600 wineries in the region around Cape Town that is fantastically suited for wine cultivation - we at CAPREO consciously concentrate on the most exciting amongst them. We take a lot of time for the selection of our partner wineries and the constant communication with them, in order to meet our high standards. The personal contact and friendly connection with our wineries is dear to our hearts, as only through that we get to know the South African culture even better. This is how we stay on top of current developments and are simply always close to the dynamic happenings.

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