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The idea for CAPREO developed during a trip to South Africa. What else could be imagined - the winelands near Cape Town were also visited. Even though the winemakers achieve the highest class wines, the disappointment was great as there was no reasonable and cost effective method to deliver the new discovered favourite wines directly from the vineyard to Europe. This was in 2007. That it is possible indeed, shows the team of CAPREO. With strong partners and passion it delivers the wine from South Africa to Europe for the customer.

Team Walking Ahead Mit Rahmen

»Isn´t it worthless to discover great wines, if one can´t savour
them at home? It is of great importance for a small vineyard like
Dornier to have an innovative, reliable and low priced
logistics partner at his side.«
raphaeldornier - Owner of Dornier Wine Estate

Stephan Nühlen

The founder of CAPREO oversees the activities of the teams in South Africa and Europe. He enjoys the entrepreneurial possibilities and challenges of his daily work. He is fuelled by his desire to satisfy customers and partners and delight them with first class service. Stephan flies to South Africa on a regular basis and is repeatedly inspired by country, people, food and wine. The team smirks when he remarks in a fitting but more often in an unfitting moment: "That´s Africa." 

Falk Hennigs

Falk Hennigs has studied forestry engineering and works as the organisation leader at CAPREO. He is the connecting link between South Africa and Germany - with his love for nature, the path to wine was short. With his reliable, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach, he has worked in retail and business optimization and is now taking care of our partner wineries at the Cape. In his free time, Falk likes his varied hobbies from motorcycling to photography, true to the motto: ‘There is no such thing as boredom’.

Thorsten Bergmann

Being trained as an industrial clerk and having worked as an Account Manager for major IT customers for many years, Thorsten brings along everything for a typical office job. Who thinks that this is what distinguishes him has never experienced him in real life. Thorsten's real fire is ignited in direct interaction with his customers. Just talk to him about South Africa and its wines for a few minutes or listen to his authentic travel reports during one if his popular tastings and you know why Thorsten is the guarantor for first class customer advice and personal service as a Senior Sales Manager at CAPREO. Dare somebody say that there are no capable lads out there nowadays.

Ilona Schwanda

Former Maldives diving instructor has been part of the CAPREO team since the beginning of 2014. Ilona’s customers are delighted about her relaxed and honest character and she has been able to convince more than one sceptic of the great South African wines – and it is those who were most sceptical once that are her best regular customers today.

Heike Gorzolla

For many years, Heike Gorzolla had worked as a designer for numerous brands and was away on business in Europe and Asia a lot on the look-out for the latest trends as well as to meet inspiring people. It is this open-minded approach that makes Heike the ideal wine advisor since she knows the different tastes very well and is therefore able to attend to wishes and preferences.

Heike already visited several wineries in South Africa and tasted the great delicacies – she is more than capable of finding the wine that is right for you.

Florian Doering

His deep passion for good wine and an excellent service make Florian to an ideal ambassador for great South African wine. Having spend more than ten years in the gastronomy and hotel business he now brings his inspiring enthuisiasm, his knowledge and his courtous manner into our team. Not only we regard this as the perfect partnership.

Andrea van Staa

The qualified wholesales and export trade merchant Andrea van Staa has been working in retail all her life and has already sold all kinds of products. At CAPREO, she is excited to start as a Wine Consultant. Not only do all those years of experience come in handy now but also her lively and cheerful attitude: Andrea likes travelling to get to know other countries, people and cultures and is always open for something new, which is why she is sure to find the right wine for you.

Elzanne Geldenhuys

100 percent - if Elzanne, Sales and Marketing Manager of CAPREO at the Cape, should be described, that would be the best way. With full commitment she leads her small but capable team of wine advisers in the winelands of South Africa and helps her European colleagues to choose the right partner vineyards and wines for CAPREO. Having worked as Tasting Room and Marketing Manager of a high class vineyard in South Africa, Elzanne knows what she is doing. A valuable help for our mutual project. You are about to meet Elzanne in South Africa? Don´t worry, everyone gets used to 400 spoken words per minute.

Dean Myburgh

Dean is what many would call a typical "people's person" who has always a smile on his face. What he loves about his job is, apart from the great wines of course, that he has the oppurtunity to meet new exciting people every single day and show them the world of South African wines. Dean is a sports maniac and gives it all at every sport he does - which is literally everything that is possibly out there. Still, he rewards himself with a fine wine at the end of the day.

Peter Geven

Have you already read our intention? Direct import is mentioned there. This is read so easily yet is often more complex than you would think. You don't believe that? Ask Peter, he will confirm. He handles the buying of the Cape's fine drops for CAPREO - an important task, as the right wine is a vital requirement for the successful work of all other team members. And not least for your pleasure at home.

Alexandra Hartwig

Always friendly and with much passion, Alexandra ensured you are getting the best service possible after your order. You want to change the delivery address after the order, reserve your sold out favourite wine or have questions regarding your delivery? You haven’t found our invoice or always wanted to know what PayPal is actually about? Alexandra will help you with her knowledge directly and fast - and if she doesn’t know, she will find out for you. 

Uta Maria Düring

As a learned book merchant Uta knows how to guess even the most vague customer wishes to choose the right wines for them. Today she supports Alex and Peter and is your contact if you have any problems with your invoice or your delivery of those great wines from the cape. 

Bianca Gehrmann

Bianca Gehrmann is a very important part of the support team of CAPREO. If there are any troubles with an order, she will help our international customers and make sure that everyone has their favourite wines delivered directly to their door quickly and in a perfect condition. She works with high precision for our customers and was already able to help many gourmets.

Maike Filtgen

Maike Filtgen is now supporting our customer service team. The qualified office administrator takes care of everything that has to do with your order once it has reached us at CAPREO; if there are questions regarding delivery or invoice, Maike is there to help. If she is not sitting at her desk, she is probably wearing her running shoes or walking her dog to then help you with your queries afterwards, filled with new energy. She will try to make the impossible possible because we at CAPREO are only happy when our customers are.

Britta Rohkämper

Our Marketing Director Britta Rohkämper makes sure that CAPREO will always leave a good and lasting impression on you. She can thankfull draw on her many-sided experience as Head of Marketing at Ernsting's Family and has already supported many companies with their brand management with her own marketing agency. Her love for the country, the people and of course wine of South Africa had already developed at her time with Ernstning's Family where she was often busy in South Africa for elaborate photo shoots. 

Corinna Meinold

A delicious wine and a thrilling book are a match made in heaven according to our copywriter Corinna Meinold. This was already clear to the author Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson when he observed: ‘Wine is poetry in bottles.’ As a graduate of German studies and literature, Corinna enjoys good stories with an eye for the special – and of course good wine. At CAPREO, she combines both so you can experience the poetry of South African wines. 

Service providers, interns, freelancers

CAPREO can only function when supported from many sides. Without service providers, interns and freelancers a project like this could not be realised. But not only for this reason: thank you!

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