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Maison - Unique Quality

The South African estate Maison is one of the youngest wineries in South Africa but it is exactly this fact that gives it its charm, as you can find a fresh design here paired with tasteful features. The interior furnishing follows clean lines whilst there is an exciting interplay between cold and warm aspects. Tidy yet not sterile, clear yet not boring, inviting yet not overwhelming – this creates the special atmosphere at Maison.

Feeling at Home in the Heart of Franschhoek

The design and atmosphere of the winery make clear that Maison is not just another estate in the South African Winelands. One point is especially striking: you don’t feel like a guest, but more like being at home. Doubtlessly, the friendly service and the truly delicious dishes in the on-site restaurant greatly contribute to that. Numerous events and even more weddings are testament to the wonderful atmosphere on the whole area.

Enjoying together means enjoying even more

Despite or maybe because of the young history of Maison, the wines are in a class of their own. A high complexity makes the most critical of wine connoisseurs happy whilst the easy accessibility is also perfect for a social evening for many or a romantic dinner for two. Exactly this is their aim at Maison. The motto from Chris Weylandt is: ‘We make highly individual wines. We drink them with the people closest to us – and we love drinking them at home, where we can really explore the intimate character of each bottle.’ Enjoying together is simply always the better option!

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