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Leopard’s Leap – excellent, easily accessible Wines

Leopard‘s Leap is another winery owned by Hein Koegelenberg who already ensures a high quality at La Motte. For some, the estate is the ‘little sister’ of La Motte, but this would not be fair to the excellent wines. Leopard‘s Leap wines feature a fantastic quality and do not need to hide behind the ones from La Motte. On the contrary, they have another quality that many premium wines lack: the winery Leopard‘s Leap creates high class wines that are accessible for novices, too. It is this exact accessibility paired with the high quality nevertheless that has made the estate internationally famous.

Young, fresh, friendly – Leopard’s Leap

At the winery, things are run young and fresh, just as the wines themselves. With this, Leopard‘s Leap pleasantly stands out from many other estates in South Africa, as it aims primarily at a younger target audience that is just about to discover the fascinating world of premium wines from South Africa. A friendly service in the Tasting Room makes for a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone can uninhibitedly and casually try the delicious wines from Leopard‘s Leap.

The Stories behind Leopard’s Leap

In the surroundings of Leopard‘s Leap, there live the graceful cougars. In order for them to keep on living there, the winery is committed to the preservation of a natural population of these animals and supports environmentalists in their work through many measures such as the Cape Leopard Trust. Additionally, you can find Leopard‘s Leap wine at many literary and artsy events which the winery sponsors. The focus is clearly on established South African creatives in the art world in order to emphasize the beauty and special expressiveness of South African literature. International artists, too, find a great partner in Leopard‘s Leap, just as the Open Book Festival has impressively proven.

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