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Laborie, the old Pearl in Paarl

Laborie is the actual pearl of South African art of wine in the region Paarl. As early as 1659, the father of wine in South Africa, Simon van der Stel, sent an expedition to the inland in the area of today’s winery. But it was in 1691 when Isaac Taillefert received the ground and started to cultivate the first noble grapes here. In the short time of only seven years, he created the estate’s first wine. The name Laborie was coined at the beginning of the 18th century and goes back to the former area La Bri. Today, the winery belongs to the KWV and after a difficult time in the middle of the last century, the owners and the local winemakers succeeded in restoring Laborie’s former strength. The old pearl of Paarl flourishes again and shines in new splendour.

Diligent Cultivation Methods and modern Cellar Technology

The winery focuses on a diligent cultivation with plenty of love for detail. This is how in the wine slope already, the foundation for excellent premium wine with a full character and finest aromas can be laid. Especially the vines receive greatest attention at Laborie and are cared for conscientiously by the wine farmers. Modern cellar technology on the winery itself makes the production of the best possible wine in South Africa reality.

Biodiversity and Wine Initiative

As one of the few wineries of the country, Laborie is a member of the so-called Biodiversity and Wine Initiative. This initiative has set itself the task of preserving the multifaceted and beautiful nature of South Africa through a gentle vine cultivation and foregoing chemical pesticides. Therefore, Laborie only employs organic cultivation methods which have a grand effect on the wines. They unhinderedly mirror their terroir and feature a natural, honest and especially authentic taste.

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