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Haute Cabrière – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Sparkling Wine

Haute Cabrière

Primarily, the winery Haute Cabrière focuses on the cultivation of two very special grape varieties: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Every hectare of land is planted with approximately 10.000 vines. The winemakers specifically aim for the production of outstanding sparkling wines. Famous examples of their winemaking art are the Pierre Jourdan Blanc de Blancs which receives its distinct aroma due to the use of Chardonnay, and Pierre Jourdan Brut which is refined by the addition of Pinot Noir. Haute Cabrière produces all of its sparkling wines according to the classic bottle maturation method, also called Méthode Cap Classique in South Africa. Also very popular are the Chardonnay/Pinot Noir white wine as well as the Tranquille Rosé.

Family Tradition at Haute Cabrière

The history of the winery Haute Cabrière reaches back until the year 1694, when the Huguenot Pierre Jourdan managed to acquire the estate. From this time on, he planted the first vines in accordance with French tradition. The name of the winery goes back to Cabrière, the former home town of the proud founder. Since the beginning of the 80s, the winery is in the hands of Achim von Arnim who studied wine cultivation in Germany. The winery owner has descended from aristocracy and has always put faith in unconventional pressing methods and a seemingly never-failing sense for the preferences of gourmets for leading Haute Cabrière to international glory in the wine world. Since 2005, his son Takuan von Arnim has been running the wine enterprise with continuing success.

Spectacular Visitor Cellar with Gourmet Restaurant

The family-run estate is a popular destination for true wine connoisseurs and friends of South African flavours. The wine cellar invites visitors to take exciting tours during which they receive an insight into the innovative cellar technology at Haute Cabrière. A multi storey plant transports the wine without any use of pumps through natural gradient from the grapes into the barrel. An efficient and particularly gentle process which benefits the wine during the production. Additionally, the master Achim von Arnim himself offers intimate wine tastings and cellar tours. In a traditional manner, he opens a sparkling wine bottle in style with a cavalry sable just like his ancestors have done it some time ago. You should not miss out on this spectacle when visiting! The outstanding gourmet restaurant provides culinary highlights; particularly worth recommending are the perfectly matched Wine and Food Pairings.

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