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Graham Beck – Sparkling Wine of the Highest Class

Graham Beck

It was once Graham Beck’s wish for his flagship wine to be sparkling. With this vision in mind, he went to see Pieter Ferreira in 1990 who is still the cellar master at the winery. His philosophy is to create sparkling wines with as little bubbles as possible in order to have the natural flavour and its soft traits revealed. The results of this partnership are several excellent sparkling wine creations that were produced according to the traditional bottle maturation method.

It is probably the Graham Beck Brut n/v that enjoys the greatest popularity. Even Nelson Mandela clinked glasses with this wine during his inauguration which immediately made it an icon at the Cape. Michelle Obama had also selected this one when Barack Obama was appointed president. The Cap Classique impresses with fine aromas of fresh citrus fruits with a light yeast note as well as a sprightly perlage in balanced elegance. Awarded with the Decanter, the Old Mutual Trophy and numerous other awards, it truly is the crème de la crème of the South African sparkling wine production.

In Harmony with Nature

Since 2006, Graham Beck is the second winery from so far 20 wineries in South Africa that have received the award ‘Biodiversity Champion’. This award stands for sustainable and ecological wine cultivation in harmony with nature. The estate’s former founder turned parts of the estate into a natural reserve which Graham Beck strictly continued. Hence, for every hectare of farmland, four hectares are dedicated to the nature reserve. The Game Reserve foundation on site currently covers more than 2000 hectares.

Due to this commitment for nature, animals and plants that were extinct in other regions were able to resettle. Severely endangered populations recovered quickly, such as the fish eagle, the bat eared fox or eland antelope. All these efforts for nature protection are the inspiration for the currently very popular wine range The Game Reserve. Every label from this range bears one of the endangered species and a part of the earnings goes directly to the preservation of the natural reserve. The Graham Beck The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for example is dedicated to the South African leopard. The wilderness that is associated with the leopard can also be found in this temperamental bottle which features a complex body from dark chocolate, berries, plums and a subtle note of tobacco.

Graham Beck’s Cultivation Areas

The main idea of Graham Back is based on two sayings: ‘Great wine is made in the vineyards’ and ‘One should first focus on the basics’. For Graham Beck, it is of great importance to exactly know your vineyards so that the winemaking team can optimally use the uniqueness of the terroir and the special character of the planted vines. This feeling for wine cultivation shows accordingly in the finished wine; and Graham Beck even manages to constantly increase its consistency and quality. The winemakers have made it their task to offer gourmets a world class wine with intimate character with every glass.

In 1983, the wave of success started when Graham Back acquired the farm outside of Robertson and Cape Town that was back then called Madeba with the boundless will to build an estate with an international reputation. Success came quickly which resulted in Graham Beck purchasing a second piece of land in Stellenbosch where the winemaker team was able to create even more excellent premium wines and hence satisfy the ever rising demand.

For the cellarer Pieter Ferreira, it is very important that the different conditions of the terroir match in harmony. With its rather cool and dry climate, the Robertson region provides viticulturists with those ideal conditions for wine cultivation they need to reach a high quality in the wine production.

In Stellenbosch, the estate cultivates further vines. The vineyards are in very close proximity to the ocean which creates a constant and cooling breeze through which the grapes have uniform conditions for their growth. A defined fruit character defines the wines from Graham Beck.

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