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Buitenverwachting Wines – Beyond Expectations


The winery Buitenverwachting is located in the beautiful wine region Constantia which is only a stone’s throw from Cape Town. The name means ‘beyond expectations’. An ambitious aim which however the winemakers seem to achieve every year. Granite soils and a cooling sea breeze help the winemakers to create consistently good products that always feature a distinctive aroma structure. Particularly popular is the Buitenverwachting Christine, a wine made from typical Bordeaux grape varieties and named after the owner’s wife. Despite the blend being inspired by French style it shows its South African character with a pronounced fruit. The red wine is defined by an outstanding quality and unique flavour which has already been rewarded with 4.5 John Platter Stars and the Old Mutual Trophy Bronze. Very impressive is also the Hussey’s Vlei Sauvignon Blanc. The grape variety’s aromas of gooseberries and freshly cut grass are inherently fresh and can also be found in this wine.

Buitenverwachting Restaurant with Culinary Delights

The Buitenverwachting restaurant enjoys a great reputation in South Africa and has established itself on the culinary map of the Western Cape within only a few years. It is located in the historic Manor House in a Cape Dutch style with a rustic thatched roof. Sitting in the restaurant, visitors have a unique view of the marvellous Constantia Mountains.

Buitenverwachting is not only a place with a beautiful view but also offers another experience for the palate besides the wines and the sophisticated cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, the winery also offers the Coffee BloC where visitors can enjoy excellent coffee specialties, cake and delicious pastries.

Winery with Early Origin

It was once part of the first winery at the Cape: the Constantia Estate. Simon van der Stel, father of wine cultivation in South Africa, founded it at the end of the 17th century. Even though the winery has had many different owners in the past, the winemakers always succeeded in securing a good up to outstanding quality of the wines. In the middle of the 20th century, the cultivation areas stood idle. It was not until 1980 that the Hamburg couple Richard and Christine Müller purchased the historic estate and restored it with much love for detail. They not only gave the architecture new splendour but also revived wine cultivation after 30 years by only planting the best vines at the vineyards. Buitenverwachting is currently managed by the German shareholder Lars Maack. For more than two decades, there hasn’t been a change in the important positions at Buitenverwachting which lets the once very turbulent history remain in the past.

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