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Customer Opinions

Customer opinions tell more about a company than any line written by a marketing manager. They not only tell more, they also tell it better. That is why here you find the opinions of our customers. You'll get an inside look, not how we want to be perceived, but what we really are for our customers.

»An unforgettable stay at the winery Spier in Wineland north of Cape Town led us to CAPREO, as we wanted to enjoy the unique aromas of South African wines in Germany as well. We discovered more brilliant wines from the region due to excellent advice and 'swift' delivery service - the wine arrived at ours within two days. Discover South Africa and its wines together with CAPREO? Yes, please.«

Thorsten Willach

»Very careful, very friendly and very professional service, with perfect knowledge on the wines nature.Perfect choice of cooperating vineyards, which allows something interesting for every taste and imagination. Service with passion for wines from wonderful green Cape Country, wines which are able to compete with wines from all over the world. Wines coming from the country without industrial contamination and without chemically processed, artificial food which is flooding our old Europe.«

Ryszard Lozinski

»Being long-term South Africa fans, we appreciate South African wines very much. During one of our tours around Stellenbosch we discovered CAPREO. Since that time, we purchase our wines exclusively from this company. We not only welcome the excellent range, the good service and quick delivery. Ordering here is double the fun especially because of the personal contact with the staff.«

Daniel Hendricks

»During our holidays in South Africa in 2009 we visited the wine estate of Vrede en Lust, where we tasted some of their good wines. Actually the wines tasted so good that we wanted to take some home. But when travelling by plane you are restricted when it comes to bringing bottles of wine with you. No worries, there is a solution to everything. We ordered some bottles of wine directly from the estate when we were there and it was delivered to our home address just a few days after we returned from South Africa. When we ran out of wine we were eager to order some more and did so through the website of the estate. Soon after that we were contacted by Thorsten Bergmann from CAPREO offering his assistance in the ordering process. He is keeping in contact with us a few times per year to inquire if we are interested to order some wines and offers his expertise to suggest new wines, also from other estates. His personal touch, friendliness and professionalism are much appreciated. We hope that we may be in a position to order more wines to be enjoyed in the future. The delivery of the wines is well organized, the wines are delivered within 2 - 3 days on your doorstep.«

Ien Bakker

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