Whether cooked, smoked or pickled - salmon is one of the most popular food fish. Our partner winery Ricktey Bridge combines tender salmon with a creamy pea risotto and crisp asparagus.
For all hobby bakers who like to experiment a little, our partner winery Leopard's Leap offers an unusual baking variation: chocolate brownies with a base of raisin rolls. These fluffy sweet treats can be easily baked at home.

Red wine cake

To mix thing up a little, do not pour your red wine in a glass, but in a cake! It is quickly made, is sure to turn out great and is super delicious! The combination of dark chocolate and red wine is simply a must for every sweet tooth and red wine fan!

Vegetable curry with coconut milk

This exotic curry delights with its light pungency, mild coconut milk and fresh vegetables. Add a multi-faceted white wine with tropical notes or a fruity, spicy red wine - and the taste experience is perfect!
Simple and super tasty – this is a cocktail recipe from our partner Wilderer Distillerie. Mix together a top class cocktail and enjoy a unique piece of South Africa in a glass!
Do you love apple pie? Then you should try this cocktail recipe from our partner Wilderer Distillerie, because the Rogue Apple Pie Moonshine taste like apple pie – only in liquid form with finest destillates.
Spring in a glass – our partner, Wilderer Distillery, has shown us how it is achieved. All you need is a little Rosewater Gin and a handful of rose petals and raspberries.

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

A glass of sparkling wine should not be missing on public holidays or on special occasions. How about mixing it up and creating a sparkling cocktail for a change? Our partner winery Leopard’s Leap reveals how this fruity alternative is made.

Salmon tartare canapés with crème fraîche topping

Refined and delicious, perfect as a delicious starter or festive finger food for special occasions - these are small salmon tartare canapés with crème fraîche on top. Our partner winery Graham Beck reveals how it works. A dessertspoon of caviar adds an elegant touch to the canapés. Combine it with a glass of sparkling wine and the next party can begin!

Penne in a creamy chicken-cream sauce from the pan

Cook your favourite pasta while the chicken is frying in the pan with spring onions and serve it with a glass of white wine - our partner winery Spier will show you how this delicious after-work meal can be prepared in no time at all
It is an absolute must when the days get shorter again: the pumpkin soup. Beautifully creamy and spicy thanks to ginger and a pinch of curry, it warms us up in the cold season. The soup is filling and is simply delicious. We tell you how you can prepare the pumpkin classic yourself.

Burger with Plum Compote and homemade Brioche Buns

Cut bread rolls, stack your favorite ingredients, fold them up – and enjoy. And with homemade patties and rolls fresh from pan and oven, it tastes even better! Our partner winery Warwick shows how it works. The clou of this burger: the fruit compote.
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