Autumn is the best time for red wine in the glass and game on the plate. Our partner winery Leopard's Leap has revealed a delicious recipe to us. We think: Venison loin with a nice glass of red wine is our highlight for autumn.
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Warm cheese-garlic spread from the oven

Cheese and red wine are a culinary dream team. Our partner winery Alto has a delicious idea for a warm spread variant. All you need for enjoyable moments is your favourite bread and a glass of red wine.
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Classically elegant cocktail: Lady Jacoba

Thanks to its elegance, this cocktail is a real lady in a glass. Fine, handcrafted gin meets sparkling wine, fruity lemon and elderflower – this is how to enjoy summer in style. Barkeeper Kevin from "The Drinkery" in the heart of Cape Town told us the recipe.
Grilled sandwiches with cheese – called braaibroodjie in South Africa – are simply part of a convivial braai in the Cape. Our partner winery Leopard's Leap reveals how the barbecue classic is prepared.

False Bay - fresh zest in the cocktail glass

As fresh as the breeze from False Bay, this cocktail is the perfect sundowner after a hot summer's day. Barkeeper Kevin from Cape Town tells us how to make it.

Cape Velvet – fruity sundowner from the Cape

End the day on a relaxed note with a delicious cocktail – it's easy with the Cape Velvet. Kevin from Cape Town, barkeeper at "The Drinkery" in the heart of Cape Town, told us how to prepare the cocktail in no time at all.
Grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic at the South African braai. Our partner winery, Leopard's Leap, reveals how to play with ingredients and prepare a delicious variation on the popular braaibroodjie.
A balmy summer evening on the beach, smiling faces, a relaxed atmosphere – our Camps Bay cocktail, created especially for us by barkeeper Kevin from Cape Town, is just the right companion.

Lets braai: South African Sosaties

Barbecuing is simply part of summer. The Cape Malay barbecue skewers called sosatie provide pure South African feeling, because they are simply part of a South African braai. They are delicious and easy to prepare – let's braai!

Cauliflower Bowl with Roasted Bread

If you like soup and cabbage, you will love this recipe idea from our partner winery Morgenster. The topping of crispy cauliflower florets and toasted bread slices drizzled with olive oil give the bowl that certain something.

Wrapped salmon in puff pastry with grilled asparagus

When salmon meets grilled asparagus and puff pastry, there's something delicious on the table that everyone loves to eat. Our partner winery La Motte told us how to make this delicious little dish.

Fine asparagus cream soup

Asparagus cream soup is one of the classics of the asparagus season. It is easy to prepare from fresh asparagus, can be served as a starter or main course and will melt the hearts of asparagus fans.
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