Potato salad with pear and bacon

Now it's getting interesting for all salad lovers! With a delicious potato salad pickled in vinegar marinade and complemented with pear and bacon, it won't be boring on the plate. Curious? Then simply try this original and appetizing recipe.
Tags: Salad, White wine

Piquant pickled dried tomatoes

Pickled dried tomatoes are true artists of combination! Enjoy them as garnish or as an appetizer to various dishes. They refine the taste of every dish and are complemented best by one of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Asparagus goat cheese soufflé

Spring is asparagus time! The royal vegetables are now in high season for a few weeks. How about a delicious soufflés with goat cheese? Our partner winery La Motte reveals how it works.

Filled puff pastry from the oven

Versatile, uncomplicated and simply delicious! And the best thing about it: the filling succeeds with your favourite ingredients as well as with everything that the refrigerator has to offer. Just add two rolls of puff pastry and you have a delicious meal on your table in no time at all!
Just roasting a steak – that’s awfully boring? With a savoury pepper and salsa sauce the steak recipe of our partner winery Steenberg gets that certain something!
Tags: Red wine, Beef
Spring brings color on the plate: Colorful vegetables join a crispy salad with cream cheese and beef sirloin. The chef of our partner winery Fairview shows us how you can also enjoy spring on the plate.

Filled Salmon Tacos with Guacamole

Tacos are uncomplicated and simply delicious - and prepared in no time at all. Our partner winery Warwick knows how it goes. A delicious version, also for Vegetarians.
Tags: White wine, Fish

Beef bourguignon

When it is cold outside, we love hearty dishes. How about this delectable variant of beef bourguignon that our partner winery Leopard’s Leap told us? Of course, with a nice red wine in the glass.
Tags: Red wine, Beef

Cape Chicken Pie

Cape Chicken Pie is an traditional South African dish and is often cooked for celebrations with family and friends. Our partner winery La Mote reveals in the cookbook “Cape Winelands Cuisine” a delicious variation of the pastry.

Basil Pizza with bacon and roasted tomatoes

Pizza just easily done by yourself– our partner winery Spier reveals how it works with this delicious recipe. A glass ofred wine tastes best to this dish.
Tags: Red wine, Pizza

Spice-rice pudding with crispy almonds

Sweet-toothed cats and sweet toothed babies watch out: Here comes a spicy rice pudding variant with a sophisticated crispy topping - just heavenly yummy and just the right dessert for cold days.

Marinated saddle of venison

Now it gets wild on the plate - with marinated venison from the oven. Made with red cabbage salad and pomegranate seeds as a topping just a must for autumn!
Tags: Game, Red Wine
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